Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur – Perfect Views Overlooking The Blue City

Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur - Lolapan travels

The Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur is one of the largest forts in India and can be easily seen from anywhere in the city. The fort has thick walls and nearby barren landscapes, making it look like a mystical desert castle. This fort is the most popular attraction in Jodhpur so be sure not to miss it!

How to get to the Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur

The Mehrangarh Fort is easy to access from most areas of Jodhpur. The fort is located on top of a hill so from the clock tower it will take a 15 minute walk to reach the top. From the back end streets of the city, there is a windy cobble stone path leading right up to the fort entrance. If you’re staying further away, a popular and easier option would be to get a rickshaw.

Where to stay 

The best and most popular area for tourists to stay in Jodhpur is close to Mehrangarh Fort or around the clock tower. We stayed at Shivam Paying Guest House and found it to be the perfect distance from the fort. We also didn’t need to go out for food because the guesthouse has a restaurant on the rooftop. If you’re looking for something more luxury, you can check out RAAS Jodhpur. They have beautiful classic Indian architecture, a pool, and are also located close to the fort.

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Entrance fee / Fees

For a foreign visitor it will cost Rs.600 ($12 AUD) and if you’re a student it will cost you Rs.400 ($8 AUD). Be sure to bring a student ID card for a discount. For Indian visitors entry costs Rs.60 ($1.20 AUD).

You’ll also notice a sign at the entrance indicating a fee of Rs.100 ($2 AUD) if you have a camera and Rs.200 ($4 AUD) if you have a video camera. We didn’t end up paying this fee and no one seemed to check.

Opening hours

The Fort is open from 9am – 5pm daily.

Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur - lolapan travels

What to expect

The Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur is an incredible sight to see. From the outside, it looks like a huge castle located on top of a hill. Its giant size makes it easily visible from all over Jodhpur. Unlike the functioning fort in Jaisalmer, this fort acts as a large museum. Here you can view various ancient artefacts, weapons and learn about the history of the previous Jodhpur rulers. For any women planning on traveling India and not sure how to dress for these kinds of places, you can check out this what to wear in India guide.

Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur - lolapan travels

Once you’ve made your way through the museum, keep heading towards the back end of the fort where you’ll notice a small temple. This area gives you the best view of the blue city below. At the small temple you’ll also notice many locals receiving blessings and praying. After watching the locals for a while, we decided to give it a go ourselves. We gave a small donation and they marked our forehead with red chalk and gave us a goodluck blessing.

Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur - lolapan travels

You’ll find that the fort is full of many locals and plenty of tourists which makes the museum quite crowded at times. Additionally while you walk around the fort, you’ll hear traditional music being played by locals on various instruments. We also saw two restaurants within the fort but they were a bit expensive.

Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur - lolapan travels

If you want to view the fort from a unique perspective, check out Mehrangarh Fort Viewpoint (Singhoria Hill) which is a short walk away!

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