Mount Agung Sunrise Viewpoint – Bukit Cinta Bali

Mount Agung Sunrise Viewpoint – Bukit Cinta Bali

The Mount Agung sunrise viewpoint is perfect for those that want to experience an unforgettable sunrise. Mount Agung is still active and is also the highest point on Bali, being 3000m above sea level. If you’re up for an early adventure, the views from Bukit CINTA will certainly be worth it.

How to get to the Mount Agung sunrise viewpoint – Bukit CINTA

Getting to the Mount Agung sunrise viewpoint is fairly straightforward. It is located at Bukit CINTA, Bali, and is roughly a 2 hour drive from Canggu. We left Canggu at 4am and headed out east to make it just in time for sunrise. Follow your GPS towards Bukit CINTA and just before you reach the pin you’ll come across some banana tree’s off the side of the road. Behind the banana trees there are rice fields with Mount Agung directly centered in the distance.

Where to stay in Bali

There are plenty of popular areas to stay in Bali. For people looking for a base or villa to rent for a while, Canggu is the perfect spot with cafes and restaurants right near the beach. If you’re on holiday for a short amount of time and looking for a hotel, then Kuta or Seminyak is great for clubs, bars and cheap shopping. While in Bali we stayed at Riyuri Guesthouse in Canggu. They have beautiful rooms in a great location so we definitely recommend checking them out!

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mount agung sunrise viewpoint bali - bukit cinta

What to expect 

The Mount Agung sunrise viewpoint is certainly a spectacular sight. If you can manage the early wake up, we definitely recommend seeing this viewpoint at sunrise. Park your bike by the side of the road and walk past the banana trees, down towards the tall grass. When you arrive, you’ll see a distant stretch of rice fields and the incredible Mount Agung towering over the horizon. This viewpoint is perfect to get a photo of a typical Balinese landscape with Mount Agung as the backdrop.

The surrounding landscape is quite scenic and it is an enjoyable ride in the mornings. There are definitely other viewpoints around as we came across a few different opportunities to stop by the side of the road to take photos. We headed back on the main road for about 5-10 minutes towards Pura Lempuyang and saw another possible viewpoint. Compared to the first viewpoint, instead of overlooking the rice fields, you’ll be able to walk amongst them.

mount agung sunrise viewpoint bali - bukit cinta

Additionally, this viewpoint is located close to Pura Lempuyang Temple and Tirta Gangga. If you’re headed out east be sure to add both of these stops to your itinerary to make for a perfect day trip!

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