Mount Gambier Sinkholes – Top 4 Incredible Natural Attractions

mount gambier sinkholes - lolapan travels - umpherston sinkhole

The famous Mount Gambier Sinkholes are what draws so much attention to this town. The Incredible formations are unlike anything else in Australia. It’s so unusual to have one town with such a large number of sinkholes! Some sinkholes are full of water while others have been turned into gardens. Keep reading to find out more about the top 4 Mount Gambier Sinkholes.

Where to stay

There are a few accommodation options in Mount Gambier for all types of travellers. The Barn offers its guests a spacious and peaceful stay. The Barn even features a steakhouse that serves some delicious food, deserts and drinks. If you’re after something more budget friendly, you can check out Federal Hotel which is located in the centre of town. If you’re road tripping and have a van or self contained vehicle, you can actually park and sleep next to one of the sinkholes called Little Blue Lake.

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Mount Gambier Sinkholes

1.  Little Blue Lake

Little Blue Lake Mount Gambier - Lolapan travels - mount gambier sinkholes

Little Blue Lake is one of the most unique sinkholes as you can actually swim in it. It’s a popular swimming spot amongst locals during summer, and in our opinion one of the best Mount Gambier Sinkholes. You’ll often find plenty of people taking a dip and jumping off the wooden platform. You can view the incredible sinkhole from the top of the cliffs or you can follow the path down. There is also a small wooden platform on the water where you can take a closer look and even go for a swim. Additionally, you might find some green algae present in the water. If you have sensitive skin, it would be best to check the conditions before going for a swim.

For more details on Little Blue Lake, check out our full blog post here.

2. Umpherston Sinkhole

mount gambier sinkholes - lolapan travels

Umpherston Sinkhole is one of the most popular Mount Gambier sinkholes among tourists and visitors. What makes this sinkhole so unique is that a garden has actually been built down in the sinkhole, making it known as a sunken garden. It was built in 1886 and has viewing platforms, benches and walking paths. As you enter the sinkhole, you can read about the history of the sinkhole and the man who turned it into a garden. The sunken garden is incredibly vibrant with the walls full of long green vines and bushes of flowers spread throughout the whole sinkhole. Umpherston Sinkhole is definitely one you shouldn’t miss when visiting Mount Gambier.

3. Kilsby Sinkhole

The Kilsby Sinkhole is unique to all the others as it’s located on private property and you’re only able to visit if you take a scuba diving or snorkelling tour. If you’re an experienced free diver or certified scuba diver then you can explore this place without the crowds with a qualified guide. The sinkhole is incredibly deep so you’re sure to discover some incredible scenery under the water. We unfortunately didn’t get a chance to take a tour but if you’re looking for a unique underwater activity, be sure to check it out.

4. Caroline Sinkhole

The Caroline Sinkhole is located roughly 30 minutes from the centre of Mount Gambier. If you have time it’s still worth the drive. This sinkhole once had water in it but now the bottom of the hole is full of green grass and moss. There is a viewing platform from the top where you can admire the sinkhole. Unfortunately there is no access to the bottom. The Caroline Sinkhole is probably the least visited out of the four, but if you don’t mind the drive it’s still worth a visit!

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