Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka – Insane Jungle Bridge

Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka - Lolapan travels - things to do in ella

The Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka is a popular tourist attraction in the town of Ella due to its giant magical structure which is covered in lush greenery. The bridge is still an active train track so if you’re there at the right time, you’ll be able to watch the local trains pass right by you.

How To Get To The Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka

The Nine Arch Bridge is only a short and easy 20 minute walk from the main town of Ella. There are a few different viewpoints where you can observe the bridge (one from the top and one from the bottom). The way we went took us through the jungle and came out on top so that we could see the bridge from above.

The walk is along one continuous road until you turn off and into the bush. Head towards the Art Umbrella Cafe and a little further down the road you’ll see a small dirt carpark on the left. Look out for the big white tree at the carpark. Next to it will be a pathway leading into the forest. If you don’t feel like walking, you can also take a tuk tuk straight onto the bridge. There are always tuk tuks next to the bridge so you can take one back to town.

Where to stay in Ella 

Ella is a small town with many of the accommodation options being located in or close to the main strip. We stayed at Relaxing Home stay and definitely recommend it! The owner was lovely, it was in a perfect location and the room was the size of a studio apartment. It’s also super affordable. Another nice place to stay is Hotel Onrock which has spacious rooms and awesome views of the surrounding mountains.

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Best Time To Visit Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka 

The bridge is open 24/7 and there is no entrance fee. If you want to visit when a train is passing over the bridge, they are meant to come every hour. However, the trains in Sri Lanka don’t exactly run by a set schedule. We saw one at 7am then again at 9am.

The best time to visit is early in the morning before 9am. This way the bridge is much quieter and it’s not yet super hot from the sun. We visited at sunrise and there was a bit of fog but it quickly passed.

Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka - Lolapan travels

What to expect 

The Nine Arch Bridge Ella Sri Lanka is a must see if you plan on visiting Ella! The giant 24 Metre high bridge is perfect for photos while having so much beautiful forest greenery. You can view the bridge from both below and above on the nearby hills so you’ll get some amazing angles of the bridge. To view the bridge from underneath, you’ll see a small pathway next to the bridge on the end where the tea plantations are. It’s quite steep so be careful not to slip.

If you visit in the rainy season, watch out for all the leeches! On our walk toward the bridge we didn’t see any, but if you want to head to the view underneath the bridge, you’ll come across a lot. If you’re planning on going in the wet, make sure you have some long clothing, socks, and closed shoes. Be sure to hang around until the train passes. It’s really cool to see the train full of locals pass so close to you.

The Nine Arch Bridge should definitely be on your list to visit while in Sri Lanka. Also check out Little Adams Peak for another great view overlooking the incredible valley.

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