Nungnung Waterfall – A Beautiful Must See Waterfall In Bali

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Nungnung waterfall is an incredible, large, powerful waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and is the perfect backdrop for a classic Bali waterfall photo. After 2 failed attempts at getting there (one because of a popped tyre) we finally made it to Nungnung waterfall and it was definitely worth it.

Getting to Nungnung Waterfall

We left on our scooter from Canggu at 5:30am and got there just before 7am (it’s roughly a 1 hour drive).

Nungnung Waterfall opening hours

Online it says that Nungnung Waterfall doesn’t open till 8am. When we got there we just drove straight into the carpark. There is no gate or anything blocking you from heading straight in. If you want to get a quiet shot it is best to arrive before the opening hours. As soon as it hit 8am people began to arrive.

Where to stay in Bali

There are plenty of popular areas to stay in Bali. For people looking for a base or villa to rent for a while, Canggu is the perfect spot with cafes and restaurants right near the beach. If you’re on holiday for a short amount of time and looking for a hotel, then Kuta or Seminyak is great for clubs, bars and cheap shopping. While in Bali we stayed at Riyuri Guesthouse in Canggu. They have beautiful rooms in a great location so we definitely recommend checking them out!

↠ Check availability: Bali accommodation.

Nungnung Waterfall Bali

Nungnung Waterfall Entrance fee

If you get there and leave early enough you wont have to pay an entrance fee because there is no one around. The entrance fee is roughly 10k IDR.

What to expect

We parked our scooter and followed the stairs down to the waterfall. The walk down only took 10 – 15 minutes. It is concrete the whole way although the stairs are very steep. The walk up is definitely challenging and took longer, which sure was a tough workout on our legs.

As we approached the waterfall, all we could hear was an incredibly loud rumble and we could already feel the mist. The waterfall has perfect, untouched greenery and is so powerful that you can’t swim directly under it. We had never seen anything like it. Beware of all the mist that is spraying around from the waterfall as it can easily ruin your camera. It’s a good idea to bring a towel or a cloth just to try keep your things dry.

This waterfall is a must if you’re in Bali. It is easy to access and so beautiful!

Nungnung Waterfall Bali

Nungnung Waterfall Bali

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