Nyang Nyang Beach – Bali shipwreck beach

nyang nyang beach Bali

Nyang Nyang Beach is well known for its multiple shipwrecks which make for a perfect photo opportunity.

Getting to Nyang Nyang Beach

We left Canggu at 2pm and headed to Nyang Nyang Beach where we arrived just after 3:30pm. The long 1.5 hour drive can be very challenging through the crazy traffic. We would recommend only driving yourself on a scooter if you’re confident.

Where to stay in Bali

There are plenty of popular areas to stay in Bali. For people looking for a base or villa to rent for a while, Canggu is the perfect spot with cafes and restaurants right near the beach. If you’re on holiday for a short amount of time and looking for a hotel, then Kuta or Seminyak is great for clubs, bars and cheap shopping. While in Bali we stayed at Riyuri Guesthouse in Canggu. They have beautiful rooms in a great location so we definitely recommend checking them out!

↠ Check availability: Bali accommodation.

Nyang Nyang Beach entrance fee

When you arrive you will see a big white resort where you can park your scooter outside for 2K IDR. There are small shops near the parking area where you can buy snacks and drinks. You will definitely need plenty of water for the walk there and back.

What to expect

You’ll see signs that will point you in the direction of Nyang Nyang Beach which will lead you to the start of the walk. You will pass by a few cliff side stalls and local restaurants. The walk consists of steep rocks and dirt so its easy to slip. Be cautious if you are wearing thongs or open shoes. It took us roughly 20 minutes to reach the bottom.

nyang nyang beach Bali

Once there, you’ll find yourself surrounded by tall cliffs and cows. To the right of the beach you will see the shipwrecks.

Unfortunately when we arrived, we found that the pristine beach that we had heard about was littered in hundreds of plastic bottles and rubbish. We don’t think it’s always like this as it is labeled one of Bali’s most stunning beaches. However we think it’s from a recent event and hopefully it will be cleared up soon.

Make sure to finish up just before the sun fully sets as it will be challenging to climb back up in the dark. The walk back up is exhausting in the humidity so be sure to give yourself enough time and energy.nyang nyang beach Bali

Photography tips

The perfect time to take photos in front of the shipwreck is around 6pm as the lighting lines up perfectly and you will get an amazing orange glow in the background. Around this time, more people start to turn up to take photos as well, so be mindful of other people wanting to get the perfect sunset photo.

nyang nyang beach Bali

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