Pai Canyon – The Best Place To Watch The Sunset In Pai

pai canyon - pai sunset - lolapan travels

Pai Canyon is one of the most unique attractions in Pai and is best visited during early morning hours or sunset. The canyon is made up of red sandstone that has eroded over time, creating steep and narrow ridges. The area provides stunning panoramic views of nature and the surrounding mountains, and is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

How to get to Pai Canyon

To get to Pai, we used 12Go to book a van from Chiang Mai. 12Go is a super cheap and reliable way to get around Thailand and other popular Southeast Asian countries.

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From town, it is roughly a 15 minute drive along an easy road to follow. We drove ourselves on our scooter which we rented for 150Baht per day. Additionally, there are taxi services in town that offer trips to Pai Canyon for sunset. From the parking area, it’s only a short 5 minute walk up some steps to reach the canyon.

Where to stay 

The town of Pai is small although it has plenty of places for you to stay. Wherever you stay in Pai, you’ll be close to a variety of food and cafe options. We stayed at the Rainbow House Pai and drove into town on our scooter everyday. A popular hostel in the middle of town is also Hugga Pai.

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Entrance Fee & Opening Hours

It won’t cost you anything to visit Pai Canyon. Additionally, the Canyon is also free to visit at any time of day as it is open 24 hours.

pai canyon - pai sunset - lolapan travels

What to Expect

Watching the sunset at Pai Canyon is one of the main attractions to do when visiting Pai. If you’re lucky enough to get a good sunset, the colours will look incredible with the red sandstone. Unfortunately when we visited, the weather wasn’t on our side. It was dark and gloomy but we still enjoyed our time exploring around the canyon.

pai canyon - pai sunset - lolapan travels

The cliff edges are quite steep and can be slippery, especially on a rainy day so just take caution when climbing around. There are plenty of tourists around which can make it difficult to navigate the narrow pathways. The canyon is huge so you can explore different pathways and venture off away from the crowds. At sunset, more people will start to turn up but you should be able to find yourself a quiet spot to watch the sunset. The scenery is beautiful and the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and mountains are incredible.

pai canyon - pai sunset - lolapan travels

Pai Canyon is definitely worth a visit for sunset if the weather is good. Alternatively, you can check out the White Buddha that’s up in the hills for another great sunset viewpoint.

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