Palm Beach Sydney – The Best Beach Viewpoint In Sydney

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Palm Beach Sydney is one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Sydney. The viewpoint from the top of Barrenjoey lighthouse provides incredible views back over the golden sand and clear waters. It’s definitely one of our favourite day-trips from Sydney and even one of our favourite beaches!

How to get to Palm Beach Sydney

Palm Beach is located along the northern coast of Sydney. The best way to get there is by car since it’s a little over an hours drive from the city centre. You can also get public transport from the CBD although it will take just over 2 hours.

You can hop on the E88, E83, E78 or E89 bus outside Wynyard Station on Carrington St, Stand C. Get off the bus at the stop on Barrenjoey Road before Robertson Road opposite from the Caltex. From here you can try get an Uber the remainder of the way or hop on the 199 bus which will take you right to the entrance of the main beach.

Where to stay

The Majority of Palm Beach accommodation is serviced apartments or holiday homes. If you’re not on a budget, staying at one of these serviced apartments would be the ideal getaway from the city. For cheaper accommodation, your best option would be hostels in the Sydney CBD which unfortunately is quite far from Palm Beach. Although the bus ride out there is definitely worth it!

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Parking & Fees

Parking at the Palm Beach carpark can be quite expensive. In high season, parking costs $10 AUD per hour or $40 AUD for the day. During low season it’s slightly cheaper at around $8 AUD per hour. There is a few free 2 hour parking just outside the entrance near the children’s park. There is also some all day free parking spots outside the golf course to the left of the entrance so you can try your luck there.

What to Expect

There are plenty of things to see and do at Palm Beach Sydney. You can spend all day relaxing at the beautiful beach, climb to the viewpoint at Barrenjoey Lighthouse, as well as explore the area where the popular Australian show ‘Home and Away’ is filmed.

One of the most popular reasons people visit Palm Beach is for the beautiful viewpoint. At the northern end of the beach you can see Barrenjoey Lighthouse. The lighthouse sits on the headland, 100 metres above sea level. The walk up is fairly easy and will only take you around 10-15 minutes depending on which trail you take.

One option is to take the stairs which cuts directly up and through the mountain. This way is slightly quicker although can be quite tough in the hot midday heat. The other route is a steep incline pathway which loops around the side of the mountain. Both options take almost the same amount of time although I prefer the pathway as the stairs can be quite tiring.

palm beach sydney - lolapan travels

The other popular attraction in Palm Beach is the beautiful large stretch of golden sand. The sand is quite orange which is pretty unique in Sydney, and the water is also very refreshing. We love spending the day here as the beach is so big you’ll always have a spot to yourself.

Many people also visit this spot to explore the area where the Australian show ‘Home and Away’ is filmed. In the show, Palm Beach is instead called ‘Summer Bay’. You can even see some ‘Summer Bay’ signs around on the surf shacks. We have even occasionally seen them filming when we visit early in the morning.

palm beach sydney - lolapan travels

Palm Beach is the perfect place to spend a sunny summer day and we definitely recommend visiting!

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