Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa – A Complete Guide to the Incredible Palm Trees

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa - lolapan travels - things to do mirissa

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa is a unique cliff located at the end of a beach which is covered in palm trees. Tourists flock to this spot to take photos with all the beautiful tall palms that overlook the ocean. If you’re staying in Mirissa, be sure not to miss this beautiful spot.

Where to stay in Mirissa

There are a variety of places to stay within Mirissa, as well as a range of different accommodation types. We found that the best area to stay is right near Mirissa Beach. Here you’ll find the most food and shop options.We stayed at Little Pink House which is a short walk from the beach in a quiet local street. We definitely recommend staying here as it’s like having your own home. You’ll find a little pink house on a small block of land with its own garden, kitchen and bedroom. Every morning the lovely owner also comes by and makes a delicious breakfast! You definitely won’t want to leave here. Paradise Beach Club is also a popular luxury option right on the beach with nice rooms and it’s own pool.

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How to get to Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa 

Coconut Tree Hill is a short walk from Mirissa Beach. We found it quicker to walk along the beach instead of walking along the road. Walking along the beach should take you roughly 10-15 minutes. Once on Mirissa Beach, head left and keep walking until you reach the palm trees. You can’t miss it! You could also take a tuk tuk if you don’t feel like walking, although it’s not far at all.

What to expect

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa has become a popular photo spot due to Instagram. The insane amount of palm trees that appear on the edge of this cliff are amazing to admire. The cliff also overlooks the ocean so you have the perfect backdrop. We’ve never seen so many palm trees in such a small area.

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa - lolapan travels

If you plan on getting some nice shots with no one in them, it’s best to go early. Since this spot is so close to the main beach, it can get quite busy. We visited at around 10am and there were already quite a few people. As we left, a few more large groups started to turn up. If you feel like getting away from the crowds, you can explore more around the cliff and find yourself a quiet spot to relax by the sea.

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa is definitely a spot you can’t miss while you’re staying in this beautiful town. Don’t forget to also check out Parrot Rock which is only a short walk away.

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