Palm Tree Road Siargao – A Picture Perfect Spot You Can’t Miss

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The Palm Tree Road on Siargao is one of the most sought after photo locations where everyone’s looking to capture the perfect instagram banger. Thousands of Palm Trees line the road as you drive off into a tropical paradise. The Palm Tree road sure is a picture perfect spot you can’t miss when visiting Siargao. Here’s everything you need to know about finding this spot!

Where is the Palm Tree Road on Siargao?

The Palm Tree road is an easy 30 minute drive from the main tourist hub of General Luna. The particular photo spot that you always see pictures of is actually located on a main road that you’re sure to come across when exploring the island. You can find the spot just before Maasin Bridge when you’re coming from the south. Its right in-between the Palm Tree Viewpoint and the Palm Tree Rope Swing. Pairing a visit to either of these spots after is a great idea as they are incredibly close. We’ve pinned the exact location of the Palm Tree Road photo spot on the map below.

Getting Around Siargao

The cheapest option to get around the island is to drive yourself. You can rent a scooter on the island for around 350 – 500 pesos ($10 – $14 AUD) per day. Prices will generally be cheaper if you are renting weekly. The roads on Siargao are great to drive on as they take you through the tropical paradise. You’ll be passing through plenty of coconut palm tree forests and villages with friendly locals. The roads are surprisingly in good condition and incredibly smooth.

We’d definitely recommend trying to get a scooter and driving yourself while you visit Siargao. The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking and having the option to travel at your own pace is perfect for sightseeing. However, if you can’t ride a scooter, there are still options for you to get around the island. You’ll still be able to rent a driver for the day that’ll take you around to the main tourist spots, although this can be quite expensive. Private Siargao land tours start around $30 AUD and can be booked online through Klook. The tour is cheaper with the more people you have. They’ll take you around to all the famous tourist hotspots on Siargao, like the rock pools, rope swing, as well as Pacifico Beach and plenty more!

↠ Book in advance: Latest tour prices and availability.

What to Expect

As you’re driving around the island, you’ll notice just how much of a tropical paradise Siargao is. There are plenty of roads that are full of palm trees, however this spot is the most picturesque. A straight road cuts through the dense greenery of palm trees to create the perfect spot for a photo.

We do have to stress that this is a main road where plenty of cars and motorbikes are zooming past. Please use common sense and be super aware of any oncoming traffic. Always look in both directions and get off the road if you spot or hear a vehicle in the distance.

There is plenty of room off to the side of the road where you can pull up and wait for the road to be clear. We visited at sunrise and sunset to give ourselves a better chance of having the roads to ourselves. At these times, there is a lot less traffic and you’ll have more time to line up your photo. The sunlight at this time will also be softer, making for a better picture. We were able to take our drone up and witness the soft orange sunlight bouncing off the hundreds of palm trees. The Palm Tree Road on Siargao is a breathtaking and beautiful spot that you can’t miss when visiting the island!

Where to Stay

Siargao Island Villas – Luxury: Siargao Island Villas is one of the most popular resorts to stay at on the island. All guests are sure to feel right at home with their beautiful large rooms right by the beach. The staff are also very friendly and you’ll love the tropical vibes of the resort. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxury getaway, don’t miss this place.

Amihan Bungalows – Midrange: These bungalows are a super popular place to stay for anyone looking not to break the bank while also having a super cosy, clean and comfortable room. The bungalows each have their own terrace, private bathroom, aircon and fast wifi. Amihan Bungalows is often unavailable so if you manage to find this place has a room available, definitely check it out.

LaVillas Homestay – Budget: This is where we stayed during our stay in Siargao and we definitely recommend it if you’re on a budget. For a room with a shared bathroom it costs roughly $35 AUD although you also get aircon and a very filling free breakfast. In comparison to the other places around for the price, we think this place is great! The rooms are clean and the owners are lovely.

↠ Check availability: Siargao Accommodation

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