Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok – The Perfect Day Beach In Lombok

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Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok is a beautiful, long stretch of beach which is located in the south of Lombok. This beach is filled with sun beds, warungs, and swings that are located along the shore. You can easily spend all day at Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok because this beach has just about everything you need.

How to get to Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok

We visited this beach directly after visiting Seger Beach. From Seger Beach it took roughly 10 minutes. From the main area of Kuta, Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok is a 20 minute drive.

The best way to get around Lombok is by renting a scooter. We rented our scooter for 50K IDR per day. Getting around the island is also very easy as majority of the roads are newly paved. As you approach the beach the roads become unpaved with bits of rock and loose gravel, but nothing too extreme.

Where to stay in Lombok

Lombok is a large island with a variety of areas to stay, although we found the best area for tourists to be Kuta. Kuta is full of restaurants, cafes and clothes shops. We stayed at Three V and it was perfect for our extended stay. The rooms were clean with a lovely patio for us to sit on. If you’re looking to stay in a beautiful villa, a new and modern accommodation option is Harmony Villas. It’s currently one of the most popular places to stay in Kuta.

↠ Check availability: Kuta accommodation.

Entrance fee & costs

Entry into Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok costs 10K IDR per vehicle. You can purchase food from one of the many warungs starting from 25K IDR for mie goreng or 10K IDR for a large bottle of water. The sun beds are free for you to use if you purchase something from the warung that the sun bed belongs to. There are also bathrooms located next to the car park which cost 5K IDR to use.

pantai tanjung aan lombok - best lombok beaches - kuta lombok

What to expect at Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok

Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok is a perfect place to spend the day. You will find everything you need on this beach such as warungs, toilets, sun beds and even swings that look out into the ocean. The swings are free for anyone to use and don’t cost any money. The sand along the beach is soft and white. There are locals that gather up all the seaweed along the shore so that the beach looks nice and tidy.

pantai tanjung aan lombok - best lombok beaches - kuta lombok

From the beach you can view the beautiful blue water as well as the mountains that are located along the coastline. The ocean conditions are calm which make it the perfect spot to relax in the sea. There were small bits of rubbish that we saw floating around however it was nothing too crazy. Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok is definitely a must visit if you’re looking for a beautiful place to relax on Lombok!

pantai tanjung aan lombok - best lombok beaches - kuta lombok

After you visit Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok, you can also visit Bukit Merese viewpoint which can be accessed from the same carpark. Bukit Merese viewpoint is a very popular spot to watch the sunset because there are incredible, panoramic views of the surrounding ocean and cliffs.

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