Pasut Beach – The Hidden Black Sand Beach In Bali

Pasut Beach – The Hidden Black Sand Beach In Bali

Pasut Beach is the best black sand beach in Bali and is currently a hidden gem. Pasut Beach is predominantly filled with locals and you won’t find many tourists around but this black sand beach in Bali is definitely an up and coming hotspot. The best part about Pasut Beach is that vehicles are permitted to drive along the expansive coastline.

How to get to Pasut Beach

This black sand beach in Bali took us roughly 40 minutes to get to without any traffic from Canggu. The drive from Canggu is mainly through local villages and small roads. It’s an enjoyable route as you drive through the villages and see how the locals live and go about their daily routines.

Pasut Beach Entrance Costs

There’s currently no costs to enter or drive along the beach. This is sure to change in the future as this location becomes more popular so be sure to get in there quick!

pasut beach - black sand beach in bali

What to Expect

The road to Pasut Beach will lead you directly onto the black sand. The beach is quiet with only a few locals relaxing, bathing and swimming along the beach. Additionally, there is only one small convenience store in the area and a single food cart selling corn on a cob.

Pasut Beach is a popular spot for driving along the long stretch of black sand. It’s an incredible experience, especially during sunset, to be able to take the motorcycle out.¬†We had a ton of fun with our motorbike and spent the whole afternoon messing about as the sun set behind the ocean.

Riders of all experience levels will still be able to enjoy the picturesque coastline. Driving on sand will take a bit of getting used to if its your first time. Start slow and work your way up as it can be easy for the wheels to slip out. There are also tour companies that offer group quad biking along the beach.

Overall, this black sand beach in Bali is an unforgettable experience and one that I recommend for anyone visiting Bali.

Photography Tips for the Black Sand Beach in Bali

To the left of the beach is a palm tree forest and to the right of the beach you’ll find a good instagrammable bendy palm tree that you can climb. Both of these locations look spectacular during sunset hours.

pasut beach - black sand beach in bali

pasut beach - black sand beach in bali

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