Patrika Gate Jaipur – Beautiful Rainbow Walkway At Jawahar Circle

patrika gate jaipur - jawahar circle jaipur - lolapan travels - Things to see in Jaipur

Patrika Gate Jaipur is an Instagram worthy spot where you can capture the vibrant colours of the walkway. The gate is the entrance to Jawahar Circle Garden and it’s the perfect spot to get away from the craziness of the city. You’ll find other locals going about their morning, relaxing and also other photographers taking photos under the rainbow walkway.

How to get to Patrika Gate Jaipur

Patrika Gate is located at the entrance to Jawahar Circle Jaipur. It’s roughly a 25 minute drive from the centre of Jaipur Pink City. We took a rickshaw from Bani Park which cost us 400 Rupees ($8AUD) for a return trip and the driver waited for an hour while we took photos.

Where to stay 

There are a variety of Jaipur accommodation options in many different areas and also ranging in price. Bani Park is the most popular area for tourists to stay in Jaipur. We decided to stay close to the train station at Nahar Singh Haveli and found it was away from the busy streets and in a nice quiet area which was perfect.

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Opening hours

The Patrika Gate has no opening hours as it’s open and accessible 24/7.

Entrance Fee for Jawahar Circle Jaipur

Entry into the park is also free.

patrika gate jaipur - jawahar circle jaipur - lolapan travels

What to Expect

Patrika Gate Jaipur is a trending place on social media and for good reason. The perfect symmetry and vibrant colours of the walkway make for a beautiful photo. It’s also a popular spot amongst other locals and photographers. The gate is hand painted in a traditional style and perfectly showcases the characteristics of Rajasthan. Each pillar also has intricate details and uses a variety of colours which makes it seem like a rainbow walkway.

We went at around 7.30am – 8am and found that there were already a few other photographers around. If you’re there for the photo, head to the gate as early as you can for a better chance at having it to yourself. Additionally, the gate serves as the entrance into Jawahar Circle Garden which is a large park area. You’ll find plenty of locals taking time out to relax as well as going for walks or a morning run. It’s the perfect spot to get away from the busy city traffic and enjoy somewhat more of a relaxed atmosphere. If you’ve got the time, definitely don’t miss out on seeing Patrika Gate while you’re in Jaipur as it is simply beautiful!

patrika gate jaipur - jawahar circle jaipur - lolapan travels

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