Best Places To Visit In Melbourne – Favourite City Attractions

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Melbourne is a big and beautiful city with many amazing things to see and do. From famous street art to its historic state library, you’re sure to be busy while you’re here! Follow this guide to find out all of the best places to visit in Melbourne.

Where to stay in Melbourne 

The best area to stay in Melbourne would be in the CBD as you have access to endless food, shopping, and transport. Most of the best places to visit are also located very close or within the CBD. We stayed at the Intercontinental Melbourne and definitely recommend it! It’s a gorgeous hotel in the perfect location. The intercontinental is located within the free tram zone so you can hop on and off the trams from right outside the hotel. The architecture of the Intercontinental Melbourne is also very unique as it’s 1890s inspired with tall glass ceilings and offers beautiful rooms and food options. If you’re planning a visit to Melbourne, we definitely recommend checking out the Intercontinental.

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Best Places to visit in Melbourne

1. Brighton Bathing Boxes

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The Brighton Bathing Boxes are one of the most popular attractions close to Melbourne. It’s roughly a 30 minute drive from the city and is famous for its very colourful bathing boxes spread out all along the beach. The bright boxes make for a great photo and both tourists and locals come to admire their unique patterns and colours. This spot can get very busy, although that shouldn’t stop you from coming and seeing them for yourself. Once you’re done admiring the unique boxes, you can lay in the sand or go for a swim in the calm water. The Brighton Bathing Boxes are definitely one of the top places to visit in Melbourne!

For more details on the Brighton Bathing Boxes, check out our full blog post here.

2. State Library Victoria

places to visit in melbourne - State library victoria - lolapan travels

The State Library Victoria is a beautiful piece of history in Melbourne which shouldn’t be missed! It was built in 1854, making it Australia’s oldest library and one of the first free libraries in the world. The place draws many visitors due to all its incredible history and beautiful architecture. Everyday you’ll find people with their cameras admiring the inside of the library, taking photos of the dome roof, white symmetrical architecture and incredible array of books. Be sure to spend some time exploring the upper levels of the library. From here you’ll get the perfect view of the incredible architecture.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria – Melbourne Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is another beautiful place to spend a sunny day in Melbourne. Located right in the CBD, the Royal Botanic Garden offers a large open park with different types of flowers, trees and plants. The garden is so large that you could easily spend an hour or two wandering around admiring all the different plants. There is also a large lake located within the centre of the gardens where you can take a relaxing gondola ride around the lake. The Royal Botanic Gardens is the perfect way to spend some time experiencing the quieter side of the city. Another highlight in the garden is Guilfoyle’s Volcano. The Guilfoyle’s Volcano is a spiral platform that has a variety of different plants and flowers spread all around it.

4. Shrine of Remembrance

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The Shrine of Remembrance is located right next to the Royal Botanic Garden so you can visit one right after the other. The shrine was built as a war memorial to honour all the people of Victoria who served in World War I, but it’s now a memorial to remember all Australians who have served in war. The structure is incredible with large columns supporting the giant building, making it look like something out of Europe. It’s located in a beautiful area with a large open garden and views of the tall city buildings in the background. It’s a lovely place to stop by and pay your respects while in Melbourne.

5. Street Art

Melbourne is famous for its street art! Tourists and locals from everywhere come to admire the talent of the Melbourne street artists. The most popular street to visit is Hosier Lane where you’ll find all the buildings covered from top to bottom in colourful and creative works of art. There are also a variety of hidden lanes which you will stumble across as you explore Melbourne city. Another small but popular lane is ACDC Lane which is has many murals of famous musicians, as well as other various artworks and posters. There are also lots of cool and hip cafes located around ACDC Lane.

6. ACMI (Australian Centre For The Moving Image)

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The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is definitely a place to visit if you’re interested in learning about the first kind of film and photo cameras, early TV’s, movie effects and video games. We found it really cool to explore the free exhibit and learn more about how television and movie making has changed throughout the years. There is even a gaming section where you can play various types of new and older video games. ACMI is located right in the CBD next to the famous Flinders Street train station. ACMI is a free place to visit so it’s definitely worth stopping by, although some exhibitions require a ticket.

7. Queen Victoria Market

places to visit in melbourne - queen victoria market - lolapan travels

The Queen Victoria Market is a great place to go for a shop if you’re looking for some souvenirs. You’ll find everything from cheap jewellery to unique artworks as well as goodies for your home. A quick 10 minute tram ride will get you to the market. It’s also located in the free tram zone so there’s no need to use your Myki Travel Card. At the Queen Victoria Market you won’t just find clothes. You’ll also be able to purchase different kinds of meat, fruit and veggies. The market is worth a quick visit if you feel like escaping the busy centre of the CBD.

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