Quarry Bay Hong Kong – The Yick Cheong Building

yick cheong building quarry bay hong kong

Quarry Bay Hong Kong is situated on Hong Kong island and is best known for its famous Yick Cheong Building, also nicknamed the monster building. The Yick Cheong Building is incredibly well known for its mesmerising, traditional Hong Kong style complexes. The housing estate consists of three dense residential complexes that surround you in every direction. This place is one of the most instagrammed locations in Hong Kong while it perfectly frames the urban architecture of the city.

How to get to Quarry Bay Hong Kong – Yick Cheong Building

The best way to get to Quarry Bay Hong Kong is to get the MTR (Hong Kong train system). Make your way to Tai Koo station which is located on the Island Line. Take exit B at the station then head west along Kings Rd. It’s a short 6 minute walk to reach the Yick Cheong building. The entrance into the building complex is easy to miss as it’s a small laneway located between some small stores. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a bakery and a meat shop at the entrance.

yick cheong building quarry bay hong kong

What to expect at Quarry Bay Hong Kong – Yick Cheong Building

The Yick Cheong Building and its surrounding complexes are an incredible sight to see. This is a prime location to view how some of the people in Hong Kong live. There are small shops such as hairdressers, laundry services and local grocers located on the ground floor. The upper levels are for the many residents that live in the complex.

Movies such as ‘Transformers’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ have even featured the iconic Yick Cheong Building. The traditional buildings that barricade you from every direction will blow you away. As you stand in the middle of the courtyard, the dark and moody tones of the buildings are sure to create a mysterious atmosphere.

yick cheong building quarry bay hong kong

Due to the popularity of this spot, the owners of the estate are becoming more strict with photographers and visitors. There are banners which instruct you not to climb around on the large blue platforms which are located in the middle of the complex out of respect for the residents.

To capture some of the best angles, walk towards the very back of the complex towards the stairs. You can have the photographer stand at the bottom of the staircase while you stand at the top. This allows you to capture a great angle of all the surrounding buildings.

yick cheong building quarry bay hong kong

For another incredible Hong Kong spot, be sure to also check out Victoria Peak Viewpoint.

Where to stay in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a busy city with plenty of accommodation options that are right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. You’ll find countless 5-star luxury hotels to choose from. Although if you’re on a budget, your options are a little bit more limited. The Chungking Mansion as well as the Mirador Mansion are really your only budget options when visiting Hong Kong. These buildings are famous for the amount of tiny hotel rooms located within them.

Hyatt Centric Victoria HarbourLuxury: The Hyatt Centric offers some of the best views in all of Hong Kong. Here you’ll be staying in ultimate luxury as you enjoy panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. It’s also only a 2 minute walk to the train station, making it super convenient to get around the city. The roof top pool is also the perfect addition to finish off the day after exploring the city.

Page148 Boutique Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui  – Midrange: Page148 is a modern and clean hotel in an excellent location close to many good restaurants and train stations. The hotel staff are also super friendly and are sure to make you feel welcome. Additionally, the rooms have a beautiful view overlooking the city.

Kowloon New HostelBudget: We stayed at the Kowloon New Hostel in the Mirador Mansion and definitely recommend this building over the Chunking Mansion if you’re on a budget. It is much less chaotic and on a quieter street. The rooms are very small as expected but was fine for our short stay in the city.

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