Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market – A Complete Guide

Train Night Market Ratchada - New Rot Fai Night Market - lolapan travels

Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market is one of the best night markets in Bangkok. This night market is popular among locals as it has a huge variety of delicious Thai dishes and desserts. You’ll also find great clothing, jewellery and accessories. This market has everything you need and is a must if you’re looking to spend a fun night out in Bangkok. There are even bars at the market if you want to stay out and have a drink!

How to get to Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market

One of the the easiest ways to get to the night market is to take the MRT (underground train system). Catch the MRT to the ‘Thailand Cultural Centre’ station and take exit 3. Turn left once you reach the street, then from there its less than a 2 minute walk. In front of the big shopping centre there is a street to the left that will lead you to the night market. Keep your eyes out for some signs. Normally there is always a crowd of people heading to the market so you can follow the crowd.

If you’re not familiar with Bangkok’s public transport system or aren’t located close to a MRT or BTS , you can also catch a tuk tuk or taxi. If you decide to get a tuk tuk, be sure to barter the price before you get in. Alternatively, if you get a taxi make sure that they have the meter running instead of negotiating a price. The meter fare is always much cheaper!

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Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market Hours

Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market is open everyday from 5pm-1am. If it rains lightly, the market will still be open but you will get a bit wet as you walk down the aisles.

What to expect

The night market is very big and is split into three sections. One section is just for food stalls and restaurants. The middle section is full of shopping such as clothing and accessories while the last section is where the bars and pubs are located. You could spend hours walking around the huge complex and discovering everything they have. You’re sure to leave with a full belly and plenty of goodies.


Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market is full of different clothing and accessories for both men and women. For women, you’ll be able to find a variety of affordable clothing, bags, jewellery and much much more! This night market is easily one of our favourites for finding unique and affordable items. For men they also have similar options with shoes, hats and jewellery.

If you’re after a new phone case or charger, there are also many stands where you can find different phone accessories. All the items at the night market are fairly cheap and affordable. There are endless aisles filled with different items so you’re sure to find something that you like. Whether you’re on a budget or not, everyone can leave with something!

Train Night Market Ratchada - New Rot Fai Night Market shopping - lolapan travels


The food at the night market is our favourite part and a reason why it attracts so many people. You will find every kind of sweet and savoury food to satisfy your cravings. You can purchase large delicious smoothies for as little at 35 Baht ($1.50 AUD). You’ll also find cakes and ice cream starting from 40 Baht. If you’re after some savoury snacks, you’ll be able to find everything from fried chicken to cheesy covered french fries.

The larger sit down restaurants also serve different kinds of delicious Thai food. Be warned that a lot of the restaurants here serve very spicy dishes! One of the most popular dishes at the market would be the Leng Saab, also known as spicy pork spine soup. Almost every restaurant at the market sells this dish, and if you visit the night market you should definitely try it out for yourself! We purchased a medium size bowl to share (which was enormous) for 220 Baht ($9 AUD). If you’re not a fan of spicy food then you may have to give this one a miss. However it is worth a try as it’s delicious and full of flavour.

Another popular dish at the night market is the seafood. You’ll find many stalls selling different kinds of seafood from calamari to lobster and some are even served on huge sharing platters. Another one of our favourites is where they put lots of different types of seafood into a plastic bag and fill the bag with sauce. They then shake the bag and dump the seafood onto your table which is covered in paper. You’re then given gloves and can dig in! The food tastes delicious and it’s a fun way to eat your dinner.

Train Night Market Ratchada - New Rot Fai Night Market food - lolapan travels

Train Night Market Ratchada - New Rot Fai Night Market food - lolapan travels

Train Night Market Ratchada - New Rot Fai Night Market food - lolapan travels

The viewpoint

This night market is most famous for its colourful and bright tent roofs which you can view from above. You might have already seen some famous photos of the endless bright tents. To reach this spot, walk into the shopping centre across from the night market and enter the upper levels of the carpark. From here you’ll be able to witness the insane rainbow coloured tents and watch the busy crowds from above. Finishing your night off at this viewpoint is a super nice way to end your evening out at the night market! Ratchada Rot Fai Train Night Market is certainly the full package and you’re sure to have an awesome night out trying delicious food and buying some new items.

Train Night Market Ratchada - New Rot Fai Night Market - lolapan travels

Where to stay

Bangkok is a giant city with endless accommodation options. Where you stay can also depend on what kind of activities you’d like to do while in this big city. When we visit Bangkok we like to stay close to a BTS station so we can easily access all the best shops and temples. For backpackers looking to party, we definitely recommend Khaosan Road which is full of bars and hostels.

Grand HyattLuxury: The Grand Hyatt is the ultimate luxury and is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway in the heart of Bangkok. This hotel is located 2 minutes from the BTS so you can easily navigate your way around the city and visit all the best shopping centres. The rooms and amenities are incredibly clean and the service is great.

Mövenpick HotelMidrange: Mövenpick is the perfect midrange accommodation in a central location. Located close to the BTS, you can access the whole city with no hassle. They also have a pool for the hot Bangkok days where you want to relax. You’ll have ultimate luxury for an affordable price and with great clean rooms.

Oh Bangkok HostelBudget: Oh Bangkok Hostel is located only a few minutes walk from the famous Khaosan Road. It’s the perfect location to walk to the many bars, clubs and restaurants. The rooms are open and clean while the staff are also very friendly. The hostel even has Netflix so you can relax after a long day.

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