Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout – The Safe Way To Find This Secret Spot In 2020

Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout – The Safe Way To Find This Secret Spot In 2020

The spectacular Sea Cliff Bridge lookout provides a unique perspective of the serpentine like bridge that carves around the coastal cliff face. Sea Cliff Bridge is a popular spot amongst many tourists and locals for walks and admiring the coastal views. However, many people don’t know about the secret lookout or simply don’t know how to find it. There are a few different ways to reach the lookout. Some ways are actually illegal and involve tress-passing, but there is still a safe way to find the lookout which only involves following a short hiking trail. Here is an updated 2020 guide on how to find the Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout in 2020 the safe way!

How to get to The Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout

Sea Cliff Bridge is located in Coalcliff, NSW, which is just over an hour drive south of Sydney. The easiest way to get to there is to drive as there is free parking right next to the bridge. You can also catch a train to either Coalcliff Train Station of Scarborough Train Station and walk 25 minutes. Additionally, there are buses that run along the sea cliff bridge route which you can also catch if you don’t want to walk.

Head to the southern end of the bridge where you’ll see a Sea Cliff Bridge sign. In front of the sign is a small gravel parking area that is only big enough for 2 cars. The entrance to the start of the hike is actually from this parking spot. There is an opening in the bushes that you pass through. From here, you’ll see a clear walking trail that will lead you up to the viewpoint. Below is a photo of the gravel carpark and the entrance to the trail which is just through an opening in the bushes.

sea cliff bridge lookout entrance - lolapan travels

Following The Trail to the Lookout

Once at the start of the trail, follow it as best as you can by always heading to the right. The path can get a bit lost at times through all the trees and leaves but it shouldn’t be too hard to follow. There are even some colourful ribbons and markings on the trees to help guide you in the right direction. Some parts of the hike can be extremely slippery due to the loose dirt. Always try to have a stable footing before continuing on.

Eventually you’ll reach the steepest section of the hike where the dirt is incredibly slippery. There is a garden hose attached to a tree which you can use for support to help yourself up. Once you’ve scrambled up the steep section, keep following the trail by heading in the general direction to the right. You’ll soon reach an opening in the trees where you’ll be able to see the bridge.

The hike to the top of the lookout will take roughly 10 – 15 minutes. It’s nothing too strenuous or extreme and people of all fitness levels shouldn’t have any troubles. The only thing to watch out for is the loose dirt where you can often slip. You’re sure to slip and slide a few time so expect to get a little dusty.

What to expect at Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout

sea cliff bridge lookout - lolapan travels

The Sea Cliff Bridge Lookout is a stunning way to view the picturesque coastal bridge from a unique angle. The short hike is definitely worth the effort and you’ll often have the whole place to yourself. Once you come out of the hiking trail, you’ll instantly see a small dirt area and in-between two trees is a view of Sea Cliff Bridge. You can actually continue just a little further up to reach another viewpoint which we think is the best spot and also the most safe. The area at the top viewpoint is flat and open, giving you the best coastal views and views of the bridge.

Reminder: There are no barriers or fences to stop you from falling over the edge of the cliff so please take extreme caution when you’re at any of the lookouts. People have tragically lost their lives at this lookout. Stay safe and don’t get too close to the edge as it can be unstable. We’d recommend heading to the second viewpoint at the top where the ground is mostly flat and the area is open.

From the top, you’ll have the perfect view to admire the coastal cliffs in the distance. It’s the perfect place to quickly stop by or to spend some time sitting and relaxing while you watch the cars drive along the bridge. It’s very peaceful and you’ll definitely want to spend some time relaxing while taking in the view. There’s no other coastal drive quite like this one which is why it’s become so iconic. Be sure to continue driving along the coastal road and check it the other towns and scenic viewpoints along the way. Another incredible lookout that we definitely recommend checking out is Bald Hill Lookout!

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