Seger Beach Lombok – A Pristine Secluded Beach

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Seger Beach Lombok is a beautiful and quiet stretch of beach located in the south of Lombok. Seger beach is the perfect beach to visit if you’re looking for absolute peace and quiet as when we visited there was hardly anyone else in sight. This beach is sure to become a hotspot as the island becomes more popular so be sure to visit while it’s still a quiet gem.

How to get to Seger Beach Lombok

From our accommodation in Kuta, it took roughly 20 minutes on our scooters. There are plenty of signs pointing you in the direction of Seger Beach as you arrive. The best way to get around Lombok is by renting a scooter. We rented our scooter for 50K IDR per day. Getting around the island is very easy as majority of the roads are newly paved. As you approach the beach the roads become unpaved with bits of rock and loose gravel, but nothing too extreme.

Where to stay in Lombok

Lombok is a large island with a variety of areas to stay, although we found the best area for tourists to be Kuta. Kuta is full of restaurants, cafes and clothes shops. We stayed at Three V and it was perfect for our extended stay. The rooms were clean with a lovely patio for us to sit on. If you’re looking to stay in a beautiful villa, a new and modern accommodation option is Harmony Villas. It’s currently one of the most popular places to stay in Kuta.

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Seger Beach Lombok entrance fee

The entrance fee to Seger Beach Lombok costs 10K IDR per vehicle.

seger beach lombok - best beaches lombok - pantai seger - kuta lombok

What to expect at Seger Beach Lombok

Seger Beach is a quiet, small stretch of beach with beautiful blue water and white sand. This beach is the perfect spot to spend all day relaxing while you drink a coconut next to the ocean. This beach is still a very quiet spot so it’s the perfect place to relax if you’re looking to get away from the crowds. The beach and surrounding area can get very windy so during high winds the ocean can become very rough. If you’d like to sit in the shade away from the sun, you can find shelter under one of the many bamboo huts they have located just in front of the car park.

Seger Beach is surrounded by tall hills that overlook the ocean and the surrounding beaches. To view the area from a different perspective, you can walk 5 minutes up to the top of one of the hills. From here you can view Seger Beach as well as the neighbouring beaches. Once at the top of the hill you can also witness the intense turquoise blue water.

seger beach lombok - best beaches lombok - pantai seger - kuta lombok

You’ll also find a small local warrung located just next to the beach that sells snacks and drinks. You can buy cheap coconuts and pineapples to snack on throughout the day.

seger beach lombok - best beaches lombok - pantai seger - kuta lombok

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