Sekumpul Waterfall – The Most Amazing Waterfall In Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall – The Most Amazing Waterfall In Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall is one of Bali’s most recognized and famous waterfalls. Located far north of Bali, if you make the trip up there, it will be one of the most memorable waterfalls you see.

How to get to Sekumpul Waterfall

To get to Sekumpul I put into my google maps GPS ‘Sekumpul waterfall’. However this took us to the wrong carpark area which only offered trekking options. This isn’t the correct entrance area as they will try persuade you into doing a long trek with them, stating that it’s the only way to the falls. These trekking companies charge a lot of money. Instead we used the app which led us to the North entrance. This is the entrance you want to go to if you want a quick and easy 15 minute walk down to the bottom of Sekumpul Waterfall. The roads are very narrow and steep but try and park as close to the ticket booth as you can to avoid extra walking.

Where to stay 

We stayed in Ubud for the night and at 6am we took on the 2 hour long drive. It is best to split up the trip and stay for one night somewhere closer to Sekumpul, rather than driving all the way from Canggu. From Canggu the drive would be roughly 3 hours. Taman Bali Bungalows is a nice mid range option in Ubud. The rooms are traditional Indonesian and you also have your own front deck to relax on. Capung Cottages is a slightly more luxury option with its own swimming pool and clean spacious rooms.

↠ Check availability: Ubud accommodation.

Sekumpul waterfall opening hours

There are no specific opening hours for Sekumpul waterfall. You are free to walk down to the waterfall from the north entrance whenever you like as there is no gate stopping you. If you would like to do trekking, you must do this with a guide and pre arrange the hours. We arrived at 8am and there were plenty of other people already there.

Sekumpul waterfall entrance fee

The entrance fee cost 20K IDR per person.

sekumpul waterfall - bali waterfalls

How hard is the walk down to Sekumpul Waterfall

From the north entrance it is super easy. It only takes 15 minutes and is paved with hand railings and stairs the whole way down. Most people will say that you need a guide and that the walk is tough, taking around 3 hours. However this isn’t the case. The walk is easy and can be done without a guide as long as you get yourself to the north entrance carpark.

What to expect

Once you’ve made it down to the bottom of Sekumpul waterfall, you will have to cross through knee high water. There are ropes you can hold onto, making it easier to cross the rivers.

The mist from the waterfall is definitely the most intense that I’ve seen so be careful with any elecronics. You can attempt to swim under the waterfall but the sheer power will probably stop you in your tracks. If you stand close to the waters edge you’ll be able to feel the full strength and power of the wind created by the water plummeting from the top. We could barely keep our eyes open and were stumbling everywhere as the gusts of wind were so strong. For those less adventurous you can admire from afar. Either way, prepare yourself to get soaked from all the spray.

After visiting Sekumpul waterfall there is no doubt as to why it is one of the most famous waterfalls in Bali. From its lush greenery to it’s incredible power and size, it is a must if you’re keen on an adventure!

sekumpul waterfall - bali waterfalls

sekumpul waterfall - bali waterfalls

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