Sellicks Beach Fleurieu Peninsula – Most Amazing Coastline!

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Sellicks Beach Fleurieu Peninsula is one of the most insane beaches in South Australia! Not only can you drive your car on this beach, but the coastline behind the beach looks like something from Mars. The magnificent rolling hills are sure to take your breath away. If you’re visiting the Fleurieu Peninsula, you cannot miss this beach!

How to get to Sellicks Beach Fleurieu Peninsula

Sellicks Beach is roughly a 1 hour drive from Adelaide city. It’s definitely recommended to drive there as it’s much quicker than public transport and if you own a 4×4, then you can also drive your car along the beach! If you want to make a day trip out of it and catch public transport, it will take you around 2 hours. You’ll have to catch 2 buses and a train to reach the beach from Adelaide.

You can grab a bus from Stop 1 on Anzac Hwy South East Side down to Stop 36 on Cedar Ave East side. From here, hop on a train at Brighton station which is going to Seaford Railway Station. Once you’ve arrived to Seaford Railway Station, make your way to the bus interchange and look out for bus stop Zone A. Catch the 750 all the way to Stop 143 on Alexander St East side. From here it’s only a 5 minute walk to the beach.

Where to stay 

The Fleurieu Peninsula is a large area with a variety of accommodation options. The further down the peninsula you go, you’ll find less and less accommodation. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay close to supermarkets and shops, then you can try Aldinga Beach which is further north of the peninsula. Another big town on the peninsula is Victor Harbor which is located down south. Here you’ll find pretty much anything you need!

If you’re road tripping and looking for a campsite, we recommend Rapid Bay Campground. This campsite is probably one of the nicest we’ve stayed at since it is right on the beach. For us we found this spot to be perfect because it was close enough to all the best attractions. It costs $9 per person and you pay the ranger who comes around every night. There are also no big supermarkets nearby but there is a local grocer with some basic items.

↠ Check availability: Fleurieu Peninsula Accommodation

What to expect 

Sellicks Beach has one of the most amazing landscapes and is one we will never forget. As we made our way towards the beach, we stopped at a viewing platform on the main road near the south end of the beach. From this platform we had a perfect vantage point of all the insane hills. The orange rolling hills which meet the ocean had us lost for words as they look like they’re from another planet. The beach stretches for miles so you’ll see nothing but rolling hills, white sand and blue water. For the best view of the hills, be sure to head to the south end of the beach. To get down to the beach, make your way to the long wooden staircase. The staircase is located roughly in the centre of the beach.

Sellicks Beach Fleurieu Peninsula - lolapan travels

We mainly saw locals driving their cars along the beach, ready to find a spot and spend the day in the sun. If you have a car which can handle driving on sand, it’s definitely recommended to experience the beach this way. The sand along the beach is perfect and clean while the water is a bright shade of blue. The area is incredibly peaceful with only a few houses nearby. Sellicks Beach is one of the most beautiful spots on the Fleurieu Peninsula so you can’t miss it.

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