Shark Bay Koh Tao – Beautiful Beach & Swimming with Sharks!

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Shark Bay Koh Tao is one of the most popular places on the island to go snorkeling. As you can guess from the name, Shark Bay is famous for its many small blacktip reef sharks that are common in this area. The beach itself is also a great place to relax in front of the many beach resorts.

How to get to Shark Bay Koh Tao

To get to Koh Tao, we used 12Go to book a ferry from Koh Samui. 12Go is a super cheap and reliable way get around Thailand and other popular Southeast Asian countries.

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We drove ourselves on our scooter from the popular tourist area of Sairee Beach. From Sairee it took us roughly 15 minutes. We also managed to rent our scooters for 150 Baht per day. Shark Bay was slightly more confusing to get to as we got lost trying to find the entrance. To enter the beach, we parked our bikes at the ‘Beach Club By Haadtien’ and followed the stairs to the left on the outside of the hotel. After walking down all the stairs we then walked through one of the restaurants which led us to the beach.

Where to stay 

There are a variety of places to stay on Koh Tao. There are budget accommodation options spread out all over the island, although the most popular place to stay is along the west close to Sairee Beach. If you’re looking for a quiet place to stay, a popular guesthouse is Happy Bungalow. It’s located at the quiet end of the beach so you can get away from the loud bars and markets. If you’re looking to stay closer to the action, you can try Indie Hostel.

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shark bay koh tao - koh tao beaches - lolapan travels

What to expect 

Shark Bay Koh Tao is a beautiful stretch of beach which has perfect fine sand and still blue water. We unfortunately visited on an overcast day. Although the beach still looked beautiful and would look even better when the sun is out. The beach also has a few resorts and beach front bungalows. Located along the outer edges of the beach are some restaurants so you can grab food or a drink.

shark bay koh tao - koh tao beaches - lolapan travels

Shark Bay Koh Tao is most known for its snorkeling which allows you to view the baby blacktip sharks. You can also swim with other marine life such as fish and turtles. To swim among the sea life, it’s best to book a tour or water taxi to take you out the back of the beach to where the sharks are known to be. Unfortunately in this area of the sea, a lot of the coral and ocean floor is dead and badly damaged so you wont find much colour. However, you’ll still be able to view some incredible marine animals!

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