Siargao Island Hopping – Complete Tri Island Tour Guide

Siargao island hopping - naked island - lolapan travels

Siargao island hopping is one of the best things to while you visit the island and it definitely shouldn’t be missed out on. The Tri Island Tour is the most popular and consists of visiting 3 beautiful islands. You’ll see Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island. With so many tour operators to choose from and different tour packages, here is our complete Siargao Island Hopping guide.

How to Book a Siargao Island Hopping Tour

There are a variety of tour desks available as you pass through General Luna but after asking around for prices, we found it to be cheaper to book online. We booked a private Tri-island tour in advance through Klook which cost 1350 Peso ($40 AUD) per person for a group of 2. The more people you have, the cheaper it will be so try and bring your friends along!

↠ Book in advance: Latest tour prices and availability.

What’s Included?

The tour includes a full day of island hopping around some of the most beautiful islands near Siargao. You’ll be visiting Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island. Hotel pick up and drop off is included in the private tour as well as island entrance fees. You will however have to pay for lunch and the cottage rental. You’ll be able to purchase your lunch at the fresh food market in the morning which they will cook for you on Daku Island. We chose the fresh fish and it was delicious! Snorkel gear is also optional if you wish to rent it for the day and will cost 150 Peso ($4 AUD).

Siargao Island Hopping

Naked Island

Naked Island is everyones first stop of the day. They call it Naked Island because there’s not a single tree or building around. It’s just a small sandbank in the middle of the ocean which is quite an unreal sight. The water here, like most of the islands you’ll visit, is incredibly clear and blue. It’s only a small island so there’s not much else to do other than walk around, enjoy a refreshing swim or chill out in the sun.

Daku Island

lolapan travels - daku island

Daku Island is the biggest of the three and is where you’ll spend most your time. It’s also where you’ll be having lunch, so we hope your hungry! While the locals cook up the food you bought in the morning, you can chill out in a beach cottage or take another dip in the crystal clear waters. There are also plenty of palm tree forests you can wander around and explore. You’ll come across plenty of locals and happy kids enjoying the laid back vibes. There’s also the ultimate beach volley ball setup underneath the shade of the coconut trees.

There are small stores around that sell drinks and snacks if your feeling a little peckish before your food comes. Prices are about the same as on the mainland. After about an hour or so of relaxing, they will bring your food to you in your little beachside cottage. We had the fish, rice and bananas that we purchased from the local market in the morning all for about 300 Peso ($9 AUD) which they cooked up for us. The fish was grilled and served with a delicious sauce and some rice. Once your done, you’ll also have to pay a rental fee for the cottage as well as a cooking fee. All together, it’s about 400 Peso ($12 AUD). If your on a group tour, lunch and the rental fee for the beachside cottage should be included.

Guyam Island

guyam island - lolapan travels

Guyam Island is a tropical paradise and is the type of island you would imagine someone from a movie being stranded on. A few coconut trees is all you’ll find here. It’ll only take you a minute to walk from one side of the island to the other. There’s a small rope swing and basket ball hoop to keep you entertained or you can jump into the water one last time before you head back to the mainland.

Be sure to soak up all the sun and insane clear water while you can! There is an entrance fee on Guyam Island although depending on your tour, this may already be covered. Guyam Island was definitely the most touristy island of the three, with a few bamboo nests similar to what you would find in Bali. However, this doesn’t make the island any less beautiful!

Tri Island hopping in Siargao is a must and we definitely recommend it! It’s one of the most popular things to do on the island and is the perfect way to spend a beautiful sunny day in Siargao.

Where to stay

Siargao Island VillasLuxury: Siargao Island Villas is one of the most popular resorts to stay at on the island. All guests are sure to feel right at home with their beautiful large rooms right by the beach. The staff are also very friendly and you’ll love the tropical vibes of the resort. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxury getaway, don’t miss this place.

Amihan BungalowsMidrange: These bungalows are a super popular place to stay for anyone looking not to break the bank while also having a super cosy, clean and comfortable room. The bungalows each have their own terrace, private bathroom, aircon and fast wifi. Amihan Bungalows is often unavailable so if you manage to find this place has a room available, definitely check it out.

LaVillas HomestayBudget: This is where we stayed during our stay in Siargao and we definitely recommend it if you’re on a budget. For a room with a shared bathroom it costs roughly $35 AUD although you also get aircon and a very filling free breakfast. In comparison to the other places around for the price, we think this place is great! The rooms are clean and the owners are lovely.

↠ Check availability: Siargao Accommodation

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