Skansen Stockholm – One Of The Coolest Open Air Museums

Skansen Stockholm - lolapan travels

Skansen Stockholm is a unique attraction in the city as it’s both an open air museum and a zoo. It has many traditional Swedish cottages, food, outfits as well as nordic animals. It’s the perfect way to spend a beautiful day in Stockholm. You can spend hours walking around the giant park and admiring everything that makes Swedish culture so unique.

Where to stay in Stockholm 

There are a variety of places to stay in Stockholm although you won’t find many budget options. When we visited Stockholm, we stayed at Hotel Diplomat which was in the perfect location. It was a short walk to Gamla Stan and Skansen. The hotel is quite luxury with amazing service, beautiful rooms and delicious food. Another great central hotel is Hotell Gyllene Geten which is located right in the middle of Gamla Stan.

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Skansen Stockholm hours 

The opening hours of Skansen frequently change depending on the season, with the park always opening at 10am and closing between 3pm and 10pm. Check here for the daily opening hours so you can plan your visit.

Skansen Stockholm entrance fee

Similar to the hours, the entrance fee changes depending on the season. When we visited in December it cost 160 SEK ($25 AUD) per adult. Check here for the seasonal prices. You can also purchase a 2 day pass if 1 day isn’t enough.

What to expect 

Skansen is the worlds first open air museum as it was founded in 1891. The large, magical park is filled with so many incredible things to see and do. It offers a great insight to how the Swedish once lived. Throughout the park there are food sections, different exhibits, over 150 traditional houses as well as animals located all over the grounds. We were able to see reindeer, owls, moose and even giant Bison. You will also see many locals throughout the grounds wearing traditional Swedish clothing and playing musical instruments.

As you explore Skansen, it’s like taking a step back in time. We loved walking around the grounds and getting to witness all the different parts of Swedish culture. You could walk around all day and still not get to see everything that the park has to offer. Once you arrive, be sure to grab a map of the grounds as you’ll definitely need it!

Skansen Stockholm - lolapan travels

We had so much fun exploring Skansen and learning more around the Swedish culture. We definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Stockholm. Don’t forget to also visit the very famous old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan.

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