Southport Beach Fleurieu Peninsula – Beautiful Staircase Beach Views

Southport Beach Fleurieu Peninsula – Beautiful Staircase Beach Views

The staircase leading down to Southport Beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula is a popular spot to take some amazing photographs or to enjoy the incredible view. The view of the river mouth meeting the ocean is beautiful, especially if you make it in time for sunrise or sunset.

How to get to Southport Beach Fleurieu Peninsula

Southport Beach is located in Port Noarlunga, which is at the northern end of the Fleurieu Peninsula. It’s actually very close to Adelaide, being only a 40 minute drive away. The easiest way to get to Southport Beach would be to drive, however there are public transport options available from Adelaide. From Adelaide Railway Station, you can get the train to Noarlunga Centre Interchange and then get the 745 Colonnades bus to Port Noarlunga. Get off the bus at stop 73 on Saltfleet Street and walk 20 minutes to Southport Beach. Overall, the journey will take you around an hour and a half.

Where to stay 

The Fleurieu Peninsula is a large area with a variety of accommodation options. The further down the peninsula you go, you’ll find less and less accommodation. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay close to supermarkets and shops, then you can try Aldinga Beach which is further north of the peninsula. Another big town on the peninsula is Victor Harbor which is located down south. Here you’ll find pretty much anything you need!

If you’re road tripping and looking for a campsite, we recommend Rapid Bay Campground. This campsite is probably one of the nicest we’ve stayed at since it is right on the beach. For us we found this spot to be perfect as it was close enough to all the best attractions. It costs $9 per person and you pay the ranger who comes around every night. There are also no big supermarkets nearby but a few local grocers with your basic needs.

↠ Check availability: Fleurieu Peninsula Accommodation

What to Expect

Southport Beach was one of our favourite sunset spots on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The windy staircase looks out over the river mouth where you can see the river meet the ocean. During low tide you’ll be able to see the sand banks and walk out onto them. When the tide is high, you might even see some surfers surfing in the river mouth due to the strong tides.

Southport Beach Fleurieu Peninsula - lolapan travels

As this beach is so close to Adelaide, it’s a popular spot in summer for people to enjoy a quick swim or to catch a few waves. It’s also a great spot for kayaking, fishing and enjoying the beautiful views. The staircase that overlooks Southport Beach is a great spot to view the area and to enjoy the sunset. As expected, this spot does become fairly crowded during the evenings as people take in the sunset views over the beach. If the stairs are too crowded, be sure to continue walking down and explore along the rocks. There are plenty of great spots you can find along the coastline which are away from the crowds.

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