Stockholm Metro Art – Guide To The Best Stations You Can’t Miss

Stockholm Metro Art - lolapan travels

Stockholm Metro Art is one activity you can’t miss in Stockholm. You’ll find 14 metro stations which have been uniquely painted and decorated in incredible murals which take over the whole platform, making the subway stations one giant art gallery. For the price of a metro card, you can view all the different colourful murals. Here is our guide to the best 3 if you’re on a strict time limit.

Where to stay in Stockholm 

There are a variety of places to stay in Stockholm although you won’t find many budget options. When we visited Stockholm, we stayed at Hotel Diplomat which was in the perfect location. It was a short walk to Gamla Stan and Skansen. The hotel is quite luxury with amazing service, beautiful rooms and delicious food. Another great central hotel is Hotell Gyllene Geten which is located right in the middle of Gamla Stan.

↠ Check availability: Stockholm accommodation.

Stockholm Metro Card Price

There are a few different options when purchasing a metro card. You can purchase a single journey ticket which is valid for 75 minutes and you can travel to any station as much as you want within this time. If you plan on staying longer, you can also buy a TravelCard which can be used for 24 hours, 72 hours or 7 days.

For a single journey ticket it costs 44 SEK ($7 AUD) for an Adult.

For a 24 hour TravelCard it costs 125 SEK ($20 AUD) for an adult.

Stockholm Metro Art

T- Centralen – Blue Line

We started off at T-Centralen which is the main hub for Stockholms metro system. Here you’ll find the subway platform covered in blue paintings of different flowers and leaves. The colour of the platform is well matched to the station because it’s located on the blue line. The detailed flowers and leaves look incredible and are a popular photo spot among tourists and photographers.


Odenplan is located on the green line and is only 3 stops away from T-Centralen, so you won’t have to change trains. Located at the western entrance hallway, you’ll come across the ceiling covered in beautiful white jagged fluorescent lights. This was our favourite of the Stockholm metro art that we visited so we spent a lot of time here capturing the incredibly bright lights.


DWExpedition - Daniel wellington - Lolapan travels - Stockholm Metro Art

Hötorget is also located on the green line and is 2 stops away from Odenplan. This station is similar to Odenplan as the platform has many fluorescent lights along the roof. Although in addition, the rest of the platform is covered in baby blue square tiles. If you visit when it’s not too busy, you will be able to take beautiful photos on the lightly coloured platform.

There are another 11 metro stations which we unfortunately didn’t get a chance to visit! The other stations are Stadion, Solna Centrum, Thorildsplan, Bagarmossen, Kungsträdgården, Solna Strand, Tensta, Östermalmstorg, Tekniska Högskolan, Hallonbergen and Mörby Centrum. If you get time, we definitely recommend visiting all 14 of them as they’re all incredibly beautiful and unique.

While you’re in Stockholm, don’t forget to also check out the colourful old town of Gamla Stan.

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