Suicide Cliff Hong Kong – The Most Famous View In Hong Kong

suicide cliff hong kong - hong kong hike

Suicide Cliff Hong Kong is one of the most famous and daring hikes in Hong Kong. It is known for its difficult hiking trail which scales up the side of the mountain. When you reach the top you will be rewarded with the most incredible and unforgettable view of the city below. It’s common for hikers and photographers to hike to the top of the peak to snap some incredible photos while perched on a rock that overlooks the city skyline.

How to get to Suicide Cliff Hong Kong

There are multiple hiking paths which you can take that will lead you to the peak. The path we chose was one of the easier and safer options.

Make your way to ‘Kowloon peak hiking trail’. To get there, the best option is to get the MTR (Hong Kong train system) to Choi Hung Station then take exit C1. From there, you can either catch a small local 1A bus or you can walk the 30 minutes to the start of the hiking trail. The walk to the start of the hike is all uphill and along a freeway. To access the start of the hiking trail, walk up the driveway and on the right you’ll notice a gap in the trees with a dirt pathway leading up.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

There are limited cheap Hong Kong accommodation options, although the most popular place to stay for people on a budget is the Chunking Mansion and the Mirador Mansion. These buildings are famous for the amount of tiny hotel rooms located within them. We stayed at the Kowloon New Hostel in the Mirador Mansion and definitely recommend this building over the Chunking Mansion as it’s much less chaotic and on a quieter street. If you’re not on a budget then you’ll have endless 5 star hotels to choose from. A popular area close to many attractions and the train station is Tsim Sha Tsui.

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suicide cliff hong kong - hong kong hike

What to expect at Suicide Cliff Hong Kong

The hike up

Once you arrive at the start, it should take just over 1 hour to reach the top depending on how often you stop. The hike is full of rocks and loose dirt so be extra cautious where you step. The name ‘suicide peak’ can be very daunting. However, this certain route is simple and more straight forward compared to the others. There have been a few accidents of people slipping and falling, however they tend to happen on the more difficult routes. The walk isn’t too bad although in the hot Hong Kong sun it does get very tiring. The first half of the hike is enclosed by trees and bushes, while the second half is completely exposed and up the side of the cliff.

Once you reach the top of Suicide Cliff Hong Kong, the insane view of the city will take your breath away. Hong Kong is unique in the way it has mountain ranges surrounding a city full of towering sky scrapers.

suicide cliff hong kong - hong kong hike

The view & photo spots

There is a rock located just before the very peak which is perfect for taking photos. For some incredible photos, you can stand on the rock which comes out the side of the mountain. Many people stand on this rock while the photographer stands back to capture the city below in the background. Once you reach the very top, there are additional rocks with panoramic views of the city which you can get photos on.

If you stay for sunset at Suicide Cliff Hong Kong, be sure to bring a flashlight. We stayed a little too long and had to hike back down as it started to get dark.

suicide cliff hong kong - hong kong hike

Getting back down

There are 2 ways which you can descend the mountain. We decided to hike down the same way we hiked up, which took us 40 minutes. The rocks can be extra slippery on the way down. Be sure to walk slowly and be careful not to trip. Another popular route is to continue walking up the peak, along the mountain ridge and descending on the opposite side. We decided not to walk this way. We were unfamiliar with the terrain and didn’t want to descend an unfamiliar area in the dark.

suicide cliff hong kong - hong kong hike

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