Suluban Beach Bali – Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

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Suluban Beach is one of the many incredible Uluwatu Beaches located in the south of Bali. What makes Suluban Beach so special is that it’s completely hidden and enclosed by tall rocky cliffs. The beach is very popular among surfers and tourists. You’ll also find plenty of photographers here hoping to capture a perfect shot of the ocean between the cliffs. Suluban Beach is a beautiful natural gem and one you have to check out for yourself!

How to get to Suluban Beach Bali 

Suluban Beach is located on the south of Bali in Uluwatu and is roughly a 1 and a half hour drive from Canggu. To reach Suluban Beach, the easiest option would be to hire a scooter and drive yourself. You can rent a scooter for around 50K IDR ($5 AUD) per day. The drive down south can be quite busy and chaotic, so if you’re not a confident driver, the next best option would be to hire a driver. Prices usually start from around 500K IDR ($50 AUD) per day and they’ll take you to as many stops as you like.

The beach also has 2 different entrances. One entrance is at Single Fin Beach Club, and the other is just outside Villa Anugrah. We parked our bike outside Villa Anugrah and had no issues getting down. Both entrances have paved concrete stairs leading all the way down and take roughly 10 minutes to reach the beach.

Suluban Beach Bali Parking Fee 

Parking outside Villa Anugrah costs 3,000IDR ($0.30 AUD) per scooter.

Best Time to Visit Suluban Beach Uluwatu

The best time to visit Suluban Beach in Uluwatu is just after midday when the tide goes out. When the tide is high, you’ll be restricted to the small sandy area in between the cliffs. The high tide brings strong waves into the little cove so swimming is very difficult and not recommended. When the tide is low, you’ll be able to walk outside of the enclosed cliffs and you’ll have plenty of sand to relax on. The water will also be super calm and you’ll find plenty of people relaxing amongst the clear blue water.

What to expect

Suluban Beach in Uluwatu is a beautiful gem known for its crazy hidden beach caves. As you begin the walk down to the beach, you’ll notice a variety of beach bars located on top of the cliffs. These bars are the perfect place to eat and have a drink while watching the surfers or enjoying a sunset. You may also run into some cheeky monkeys as you make your way down so keep your eyes out.

suluban beach bali - lolapan travels

What makes this beach so special is that it’s tucked away between large cliffs, which gives the beach an incredibly unique vibe. You’ll also notice the local warung which is built into the cliff face above.

suluban beach bali - lolapan travels

We visited Suluban Beach in Bali twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The vibe of the beach completely changes once the tide goes out which is usually just after midday. A bunch of families and tourists begin to make their way to the beach to enjoy a refreshing dip and enjoy the sun. If you find that there’s too many people around, you can explore the two other hidden beaches. Head along the rocks either to the left or right of the beach and you’ll find plenty of space to relax.

The water at this beach is incredibly clear and blue, so it’s the perfect spot to spend a hot day. Uluwatu Beaches are also known for their surf, so you’re sure to find plenty of people out in the waves. This beach is a must if you’re in Bali or planning to check out the Uluwatu Beaches.

Where to stay in Uluwatu 

Uluwatu is a popular area for surfers and beachgoers. There are a variety of villas for you to choose from close to shops and cafes. Uluwatu definitely has the best beaches in Bali so if you’re after clear blue water and white sand, staying in Uluwatu is the perfect choice. Here are a few different accommodation options for all types of travellers.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu ResortLuxury: This place offers a true 5-star experience with a beautiful infinity pool and a delicious buffet breakfast. The modern clean rooms come with a TV and even stunning terrace views. The friendly staff are sure to make your stay super relaxing and comfortable.

Dreamsea BaliMidrange: Dreamsea Bali is a beachfront resort that offers its guests beautiful and comfortable rooms. If you’re after a beach getaway, this place is perfect. It’s located right on the beach and the rooms have incredible ocean views. Find yourself a hammock and relax while you watch the sun go down.

Bali Beats GuesthouseBudget: This guesthouse has great backpacker vibes where you’re sure to meet other travellers. The property features a garden, free WiFi and a terrace. With friendly staff to help you out and even a free dinner, Bali Beats Guesthouse is perfect for any budget traveller.

↠ Check availability: Uluwatu Accommodation

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