Sunset Hashtags – Best Hashtags & How To Effectively Use Them

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We’ve listed some of the best sunset hashtags that we use to increase engagement on our Instagram posts. Hashtags are an essential way to grow your Instagram audience and expand your reach. Finding the perfect hashtags can be hard and time consuming. Before you go ahead and copy and paste them, it’s best to understand how to effectively use Instagram hashtags to get the best results. Here is a list of our favourite sunset hashtags based on their popularity.

Best Sunset Hashtags

Small (50K – 500K)

#sunsetskies #oceansunset #beautifulsunsets #ilovesunsets #sunsetvibe #sunsetshots #sunsetlight #burningsky #sunsetoftheworld #sunsetphoto #sunsetsofinstagram #sunsettime #sunsetchaser #sunsetpics #sunsetvision #sunsetoftheday #sunsetmadness #beachsunset #sunlover

Medium (500K – 1M)

#sunset_love #sunsetview #ig_sunset #scenicsunset #orangesky #sunrises #sunsethunter #sunsetphotography

Large (Over 1 Million)

#sunsetsky #sunsetsniper #sunsetbeach #sunsetlover #sunsetlovers #instasky #sunsets #picoftheday #photooftheday #sunset

How to Effectively Use Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are a very powerful tool that can get your posts more reach, engagement and ultimately lead to more followers as well as likes. You should use hashtags as often as possible to give yourself the best chance of growing. There are a few strategies that you can implement when deciding what hashtags to use. Popular hashtags with millions of posts won’t necessarily mean your photo will be seen by millions of people. It’s most likely that your post is going to get lost amongst the hundreds of other photos being posted every minute.

What Hashtags To Use

Deciding what hashtags to use depends on the size of your account. If you’re a smaller account with under 10,000 followers, you’ll have a better chance at being seen on hashtags with less posts. For example, #sunset has over 200M posts but #beachsunset only has 365K posts. Smaller and more niche hashtags generally reach a more targeted audience. This is sometimes the best way to get engagement on your posts. Larger hashtags that have millions of posts will have the potential to get you in front of more people. However, your post is also most likely going to get lost in the feed amongst the other thousands of posts. It’s best to choose a mix of hashtags of different sizes to give yourself the best chance.

Ultimately you’ll want to also use hashtags that are most relevant to your post. Don’t go tagging #dogs when there isn’t a dog in your photo. People searching hashtags will be most interested in posts that are related to what they’re searching for. Users will be more likely to engage with your post if it’s relevant to the hashtag as well as eye catching.

sunset hashtags - lolapan travels

How Many Hashtags To Use

Unfortunately, no one really knows the right answer as there is no specific number that works for everyone. If you ask 10 different people, they’ll all have their own opinions and systems. Some people suggest using the maximum number of hashtags (30) to increase chances of being seen. Others will say that using the maximum amount of hashtags is too spammy and that Instagram doesn’t like it. We generally tend to stick to 15-20 relevant and related hashtags. This allows us to be sure we aren’t going overboard with irrelevant hashtags or hashtags that aren’t going to get our content seen. It’s also a good idea to switch up the hashtags you use in every post to avoid being spammy.

Where to put the Hashtags

Similar to how many hashtags to use, there is no right answer to where you should put your hashtags. Everyone has a different method and it’s best to test out what you think works best for you. Some people put their hashtags in their caption, while others seperate them and put them in their comments section. We personally put ours at the bottom of our caption. One reason why people might put their hashtags in their comment section is to hide the hashtags. Some believe that Instagram doesn’t like you hiding the hashtags in the comments and ultimately limits your views from the hashtags you use. It’s best to try it out for yourself and see if you find a difference.

Finding The Best Hashtags

A good method of finding new hashtags is to look at other people in your niche. Check other accounts around the same following as you and see what hashtags they’re using. When you click on a hashtag, you can also see other similar hashtags. These are both good ways of discovering new hashtags to use. Finding new hashtags that are good can be time consuming, however if you set some time aside it will pay off in the end. Be sure to also rotate between your hashtags and keep a close eye on them so you can get a better idea of which ones are bringing you the most reach!

We hope these tips help you and provide you with more insight on how to properly use hashtags, as well as which sunset hashtags we find the best! Additionally, if you have any questions, feel free to message us on Instagram.





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