Surprise Cave Halong Bay – An Incredible Giant Cave

surprise cave halong bay sung sot cave - lolapan travels

Surprise Cave Halong Bay, otherwise known as Sung Sot Cave is one of the most popular and largest caves in the bay. It gets its name from the visitors that are surprised at the giant scale of the cave. It sure caught us by surprise as it was nothing like we expected. The cave expands into massive chambers for you to explore and view the beautiful rock formations.

How to get to Surprise Cave Halong Bay

You can visit Surprise Cave as a day trip by taking one of the daily boats in Halong Bay. However, the easiest way to get to this cave is to do an Overnight Halong Bay Cruise. Most cruise operators include Surprise Cave in their itinerary so just double check. If you’re not staying in Halong Bay to get a day boat, most cruise companies offer a pick up and drop off service to and from Hanoi.

What to Expect

There is a path leading throughout the cave that you’ll have to follow. It’s only one way so if you start the walk, you’ll have to complete it to get to the exit. The boats drop you off at a different section to where they pick you up, so make sure you don’t turn back once you’ve started.

Before heading into Surprise Cave Halong Bay, you’ll have to climb up some stairs and you’ll come across a viewpoint. It’s a good spot to admire the view before heading into the cave. However, this spot can get fairly congested as plenty of tourists are waiting to make their way into the cave.

surprise cave halong bay sung sot cave - lolapan travels

At first you’ll squeeze your way through a narrow passage which will ultimately lead you to a larger chamber. The cave ceiling is so high and the area expands into a large section. The inside of the cave completely blew us away as we didn’t expect it to be that large. Along the walk, you’ll come across many impressive looking rock formations as well as small rock pools and crazy ceiling patterns.

surprise cave halong bay sung sot cave - lolapan travels

There are plenty of tourists pouring in from the cruise ships. It can get quite crowded when you first enter and it is also very humid. However, once the cave opens you’ll be able to have some space and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

surprise cave halong bay sung sot cave - lolapan travels

Once you’ve made your way out of the cave you’ll have to walk down the steps and follow the path to where the boats are waiting. The pathway leads out over the water and loops around the towering limestone cliffs. It’s an incredible spot to look up and appreciate the incredible landscape of Halong Bay.

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