Tegalalang Rice Terrace – The Most Iconic Sunrise Spot In Bali

tegalalang rice terrace Bali

If you’ve seen a photo of rice terraces in Bali, the I love Bali swing or giant swings overlooking rice fields, chances are it’s at the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. This iconic spot is one of the most popular places in Bali and from the photos, we can see why. Getting to Tegalalang Rice Terrace We […]

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Handara Golf Course – The Most Famous Bali Gateway

Handara Golf Course gate bali

The Handara Golf Course Gate is a photography hotspot among tourists and photographers. It has quickly became popular all thanks to Instagram.ย This structure looks as if it is the entrance to a temple however it is simply an entrance to a golf course. How to get to theย Handara Golf Course Gateย  The Handara Golf Course […]

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