Mount Agung Sunrise Viewpoint – Bukit Cinta Bali

mount agung sunrise viewpoint bali - bukit cinta

The Mount Agung sunrise viewpoint is perfect for those that want to experience an unforgettable sunrise. Mount Agung is still active and is also the highest point on Bali, being 3000m above sea level. If you’re up for an early adventure, the views from Bukit CINTA will certainly be worth it. How to get to […]

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Tirta Gangga Royal Garden – The Magical Water Palace of Bali

tirta gangga bali

Tirta Gangga Temple is becoming increasingly popular due to the beautiful complex consisting of many ponds of fish, pools, and fountains. The famous photo spot of Tirta Gangga is located in a pond surrounded by giant Koi fish. People flock to the water temple to view its natural beauty and to feed the hundreds of […]

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