Must See Waterfalls In The Philippines – Our Top Picks

waterfalls in the philippines - philippines waterfall

There are countless waterfalls in the Philippines, most of which consist of incredible blue water and breathtaking scenery. Each Philippines waterfall has it’s own unique features that set them apart, so here are our top picks and must see recommendations. Our top picks for waterfalls in the Philippines that you must visit! Cambugahay Fallsย  Cambugahay […]

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Tumalog Falls & Aguinid Falls – Best Waterfalls in Oslob

aguinid falls - oslob waterfalls

One of the most popular waterfalls in Oslob is Tumalog falls, however not many people have heard about the underrated and incredible Aguinid falls. If you’re thinking about heading to Oslob, be sure to add these 2 waterfalls to your list! Tumalog Falls Tumalog falls is roughly a 20 minute bike ride from Oslob. Once […]

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