Tegenungan Waterfall – An Easily Accessible Waterfall in Bali

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Tegenungan waterfall is a popular and easily accessible waterfall in Bali. Tegenungan waterfall is popular among families and tourists who are looking for a quick and easy adventure. This waterfall in Bali is incredibly powerful and has unique access points where you can view the rushing water from different perspectives.

How to get to Tegenungan waterfall

From Canggu, this waterfall in Bali is only a 50 minute drive. For us it was one of the quickest waterfall drives we have done. As you approach the waterfall, you’ll come across a sign leading you straight into the carpark. The walk down to the waterfall only takes 5-10 minutes down a few stairs, consisting of 165 steps.

Where to stay 

There are plenty of popular areas to stay in Bali. For people looking for a base or villa to rent for a while, Canggu is the perfect spot with cafes and restaurants right near the beach. If you’re on holiday for a short amount of time and looking for a hotel, then Kuta or Seminyak is great for clubs, bars and cheap shopping. While in Bali we stayed at Riyuri Guesthouse in Canggu. They have beautiful rooms in a great location so we definitely recommend checking them out!

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Tegenungan waterfall opening hours

6.30am – 6.30pm

Tegenungan waterfall costs

  • Entrance fee: 15K IDR per person
  • Parking: Free
  • Food: There are many shops and restaurants located near the carpark. Food ranges from rice and noodles for 25K IDR to pizza and pasta for 50K IDR
  • Bathrooms: You can also find plenty of bathrooms located near the restaurants which will set you back 2K IDR to use.  
  • Waterfall levels: To access the waterfalls different unique levels, it will cost 10K IDR.

tegenungan waterfall - waterfall in bali

What to expect at this waterfall in Bali

Tegenungan waterfall is a great place to visit for a day trip. With it being so easy to access, anyone can visit. The waterfall’s most unique feature is its different levels, where you can view the waterfall from the middle level or view it from the top. The waterfall is very powerful so be careful of the strong current.

When we arrived, we couldn’t cross to the other side of the waterfall because the plank of wood which you walk over wasn’t set up yet. Someone working there told us that they would put the plank back up at around 8am. Instead of waiting, we were told that it’s possible to cross through the water up near the waterfall. The water near the base of the waterfall isn’ too deep. If you decide to cross here, be prepared to get wet just above your knees.

Once on the right side, if you want to continue up the stairs you’ll have to pay an additional 10K IDR per person. This gives you access to the middle level and allows you to walk to the top of the waterfall. There is also a swing available to take pictures on which costs 25K IDR.

tegenungan waterfall - waterfall in bali

Photography tips 

If you want to get a photo with the light rays over the waterfall, they start to become visible at 8am. At this time you will be able to get incredible light rays as they start to peak over the top of the waterfall. The best spot to capture them is on the right side of the waterfall towards the back near the bamboo crossing.

There are more than 3 different angles you can get of the waterfall. A popular angle is on the middle (second) level of the waterfall. While on this level, you can have the photographer behind you or on the bottom level taking the photo upwards. Another spot that most people don’t take photos at is to the left. Here you can climb on top of the rocks and get close to the waterfall while being surrounded by dangling vines. This area is fairly slippery so be cautious.

tegenungan waterfall - waterfall in bali

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