Things to do in Koh Chang – A Guide to Thailands Second Largest Island

things to do in koh chang - wai chaek beach

Koh Chang is Thailands second largest island, which means there are plenty of things to do in Koh Chang. It consists of multiple beaches and is populated by mainly tourists. This is a quick guide of areas to stay, beaches, hidden gems and things to do in Koh Chang.

Area’s to stay in Koh Chang

There are 4 main areas to stay in Koh Chang. There is White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach and Lonely Beach. All these places are located on the Western side of the island. The areas in the north of the island have more dinner and shopping options, while the further south you go there will be fewer options.

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White sand beach

White sand beach is the closest to the ferry pier and is located towards the north. It has a wide array of restaurants, pubs and places to stay at a variety of prices, however it also has the largest amount of tourists, making it the busiest beach on the island.

It has a great atmosphere at night and is an ideal place to stay if you’re looking to try out some street market food and walk around the busy town. If you’re looking for a secluded place to stay then White Sand beach probably isn’t for you. Everything you need is just walking distance from your hotel. The beach is hidden behind lots of restaurants so its possible to miss it at first, but its a great place to relax at a beachfront restaurant. Watching the fire shows at night is one of the more popular things to do in Koh Chang.

things to do in koh chang - white sand beach

Klong Prao Beach

This beach is the longest on the island and is filled with mostly resorts and seems to be a very family filled beach. The further down the island you go, the quieter each area gets. Klong prao has a good amount of options for restaurants and pubs but definitely less than White sand beach. Accessing this beach may be tricky again as its surrounded by hotels but most of the time you can just walk through. This area would be ideal if you’re looking for a resort overlooking the beach.

Kai Bae Beach

Heading further south down the island, Kai Bae Beach is a long, clean stretch of beach. This area is mixed with teens, families and older people. It’s a nice place to stay if you’re looking to relax at the beach everyday, although accomodation is largely guest houses and cheaper hotels with only 3 large resorts nearby. All the dinner and lunch options are fairly priced although if you’re on a budget then you may need to look abit harder. We managed to find an ally with cheap Thai dishes. There isn’t much around if you’re the type of person who likes to walk around and escape the hotel room for a while.

things to do in koh chang - kai bae beach

things to do in koh chang - kai bae beach

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach is further south on the island and is primarily known as the Backpacker Beach. This place is definitely more of the party scene at night and very quiet during the day. If you’re looking for budget hostels and cheap restaurants then this is probably the place for you. There isn’t much to do during the day except sit at the beach unless you hire a scooter.

How to get around Koh Chang 

Koh Chang is the second largest island In Thailand, so the best way for you to get around is to hire a scooter. We hired our scooter for 200 Baht per day. This is the price most places will charge you although some will ask for 250 Baht. Make sure you check out plenty of stores before you make a decision. There are multiple bike hire stores at every area of the island.

Hidden gem restaurants on Koh Chang

My two favourite places to eat were Crust Bakery located between Kai Bae Beach and Klong Prao Beach. Additionally, the market stalls located just 1 minute down the road from Crust Bakery are also a good option. If you’re a fan of good bread and pastries then you’ll love this bakery. With everything made fresh and its wide selection of apple pies and brownies to chicken Caesar baguettes and croissant’s you’ll be sure to have some delicious treats and all for a good price.

For something more traditional, you can head 1 minute down the road. There you’ll find a variety of cheap Thai stalls selling meals which are delicious and full of flavour. They have meals such as green curry or a classic pad Thai. There are lots of stalls so there is plenty to choose from. If you just want a snack they even have small things like fried chicken for 10 Baht each.

Best things to do in Koh Chang – Wai Chaek Beach 

Everyone has different ideas of a perfect beach but for me, Wai Chaek Beach was definitely the best beach on the island and one of my favourite things to do in Koh Chang. This beach is located on the very south of the island and is full of palm trees. It has absolutely no other people there because it is so secluded. The reason for it being so secluded is because it is very hard to get to.

Wai Chaek Beach should only be a 20 minute drive from the west down to the south but there is no road connecting the two areas. To get here, you will have to drive all the way back up north and around the whole island which takes about one hour. Once you turn off the main road to drive down the beach, its incredibly steep and full of dirt and large stones. I wouldn’t recommend the drive for a beginner. I had to keep getting off the back of the bike so that it wouldn’t slip. Once you put Wai Chaek Beach into your phone GPS it will take you straight there.

thins to do in koh chang - wai chaek beach

things to do in koh chang - wai chaek beach

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