Things To Do Mirissa – Top Spots You Shouldn’t Miss!

Parrot Rock Mirissa - lolapan travels - things to do mirissa

Throughout this lovely beach town, you’ll find plenty of things to do Mirissa. Relaxing all day at the beautiful beaches is just one of the many popular activities you can do while visiting. Follow this guide for the best things to do Mirissa.

Where to stay in Mirissa

There are a variety of places to stay within Mirissa, as well as a range of different accommodation types. We found that the best area to stay is right near Mirissa Beach. Here you’ll find the most food and shop options. We stayed at Little Pink House which is a short walk from the beach in a quiet local street. We definitely recommend staying here as it’s like having your own home. You’ll find a little pink house on a small block of land with its own garden, kitchen and bedroom. Every morning the lovely owner also comes by and makes a delicious breakfast! You definitely won’t want to leave here. Paradise Beach Club is also a popular luxury option right on the beach with nice rooms and it’s own pool.

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Things To Do Mirissa –  Top 4 Spots

1. Coconut Tree Hill

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa - lolapan travels - things to do mirissa

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa is a unique cliff located at the end of a beach which is also covered in palm trees. It has become a popular photography spot thanks to Instagram and one of the most popular things to do Mirissa. Tourists flock to this spot to take photos with all the beautiful tall palms that overlook the ocean, so you might have to wait to get your shot. We’ve never seen so many palm trees in such a small area.

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2. Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach - lolapan travels - things to do mirissa

This beach is most likely where you will be spending most of your time! Mirissa Beach is the main beach in town and is also incredibly beautiful. It has perfect wave conditions as well as nice clean sand. You’ll find a few restaurants on each end of the beach so you won’t have to go far if you’re feeling hungry. Mirissa Beach was our favourite in the whole country so you’re sure to love it too!

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3. Parrot Rock

Mirissa Beach - lolapan travels - parrot rock - things to do mirissa

Parrot rock is connected to Mirissa Beach and is the perfect spot to get a panoramic view of the surrounding area. You can spend the whole day laying on the grass of the viewpoint or even just quickly stop by for a glimpse. This viewpoint is super easy to access so everyone can enjoy it! It’s a great spot to relax away from crowds on the beach.

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4. Secret Beach

Secret Beach Mirissa - lolapan travels - things to do mirissa

Secret Beach Mirissa is a quiet little cove enclosed by many palm trees and large boulders. As the name suggests, this beach is more hidden and secretive so you won’t find large crowds of people. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing at the beach front bar and watching the sunset. We visited in the afternoon and were able to witness a beautiful sunset. If you visit during the day, the water will be bright blue and the sand will appear incredibly bright and white.

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