Best Things To Do Mornington Peninsula – Top 9 Spots You Can’t Miss!

things to do mornignton peninsula - the pillars - lolapan travels

There are so many amazing things to do Mornington Peninsula that you could stay for a week and be busy every day! The Mornington Peninsula has such a diverse landscape from jagged cliffs and rock pools to calm beaches. Here’s our guide to the top 9 things to do Mornington Peninsula.

Where to stay on The Mornington Peninsula

All the popular spots and beaches on the Mornington Peninsula are located close by. There are aren’t many Mornington Peninsula accommodation options in terms of hotels. However there are plenty of beach houses and camping options available. Those that are looking for luxury can check out RACV Cape Schanck Resort which offers modern rooms and private balconies with beautiful views. There are no budget options like hostels so your cheapest option would be a nearby motel or to camp.

↠ Check availability: Mornington Peninsula accommodation

We stayed on the peninsula for a week and ended up camping at Rosebud Foreshore Camping which cost us $100 for 7 nights. There are hot showers and bathrooms and it’s even walking distance from the beach.

Things to do Mornington Peninsula

1. Peninsula Hot Springs

Visiting Peninsula Hot Springs was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable stops on our Mornington Peninsula trip. Peninsula Hot Springs is an award-winning natural hot spring and day spa destination which offers various experiences and a wide variety of unique bathing options. The bathing options include a Turkish steam bath, saunas, cold plunge pools, as well as their famous hilltop pool which offers incredible panoramic views of the whole area.

things to do mornignton peninsula - peninsula hot springs - lolapan travels

All the baths are surrounded by beautiful greenery which make it incredibly relaxing and serene. You can also try some of their famous experiences, such as their fire & ice workshop or their body clay workshop. We chose to try the fire & ice workshop which taught us about the benefits of hot and cold therapy. We even got to take a plunge in the ice bath which was 4 degrees celcius. The experience was incredibly informative and something we will try to incorporate into our day to day life.

To check out all their experiences and prices, be sure to visit their website here for more information.

2. The Pillars

things to do mornignton peninsula - the pillars - lolapan travels

The pillars is the perfect place to hang out on the Mornington Peninsula along the vast coastal cliffs. Here you’ll find large cliffs for you to relax on right above the crystal clear blue water. During summer this place can get a bit busy with teens and locals hanging out on the rocks and jumping into the water below. It’s a great place for groups of friends or anyone looking to lay in the sun close to the calm ocean. Recently they’ve closed off this spot due to some injuries although hopefully they will be reopening it soon. There isn’t much parking available, although there is one small carpark just before the pillars. If the pillars are shut, from this carpark you can still walk down to the waters edge and check out the perfect ocean up close.

3. Koonya Ocean Beach

things to do mornignton peninsula - koonya ocean beach - lolapan travels

Koonya Ocean Beach is a large stretch of pristine beach which is surrounded by orange rocky coastline, greenery and has incredibly blue water. This beach is popular for sunbathing, fishing as well as surfing. We visited just outside of summer and found that the current was too dangerous to swim. Be sure to be cautious if your visiting in a windy season. In summer, Koonya Ocean Beach would be the ideal beach to hang out at with plenty of room for everyone. This beach is unpatrolled so be sure to check the conditions before jumping into the ocean.

4. Bridgewater Bay

Bridgewater Bay was one of our favourite beaches to visit on the Mornington Peninsula. The crystal clear water and calm conditions make this beach one of the top things to do Mornington Peninsula. Bridgewater Bay is surrounded by a sandy and rocky coastline. When we visited, some of the cliff rocks had collapsed, so be sure to be careful if you’re walking along the edge of the cliffs. This beach is very popular among families as it’s so easy to access and has perfect swimming conditions. There is a small amount of sand for you to relax on at Bridgewater Bay, although on a hot day you’re sure to be relaxing in the clear blue water. To the left of the beach you’ll also find Blairgowrie jumping rock which has incredible blue rock pools and a spot to jump off the rocks.

5. Blairgowrie Jumping Rock

Blairgowrie Jumping Rock - lolapan travels - mornington peninsula - things to do mornington peninsula

Blairgowrie Jumping Rock is a natural treasure and another spot you can’t miss if you’re on the Mornington Peninsula. The jumping rock is popular among locals and teens who come to jump from roughly 7 metres into the crystal clear water below. If you’re not feeling too confident, you can work your way up and start from the smaller rock first. If rock jumping isn’t for you, you can also relax in the turquoise rock pools. This part of the beach doesn’t have any sand, although there are plenty of rocks for you to sit on and enjoy the sun. On a summer day it’s a great atmosphere to hang out with your friends and watch the people jump into the water below.

For more details on Blairgowrie Jumping Rock, check out our full blog post here.

6. Sorrento Back Beach

things to do mornignton peninsula - sorrento back beach - lolapan travels

Sorrento Back Beach is famous for its many beautiful blue rock pools. In the right season, you can take your pick and relax in one of the dozens of calm rock pools. Unfortunately when we visited, the tide was too high for us to jump in. The tide can be quite rough if it’s windy so be sure to check the conditions. We’ve seen many photos of this place looking very busy on a bright sunny day, so this spot is definitely the place to be if you’re looking to hang out somewhere besides the sand. The coastline also stretches for quite a while, so you can walk along the rocks and check out the never ending rocks and cliffs. It’s a beautiful sight so we recommend having a little explore.

7. London Bridge Lookout

The London Bridge Lookout is one of the best viewpoints on the Mornington Peninsula and is extremely stunning during sunset. The incredible rock formation stands alone on the beach where you can view it from the lookout or explore it from the beach. The beach here is incredibly beautiful and stretches on as far as the eye can see. Be sure to head down to the sand to admire the coastline and the rock formation up close. This spot is also very popular for paragliding, so if you come in the evening you’re sure to see some people flying round! Visiting here during sunset is definitely a must and one of the best things to do Mornington Peninsula.

For more information on the London Bridge Lookout, be sure to check out our full blog post here.

8. Bushrangers Bay

bushrangers bay rockpools - lolapan travels - things to do mornington peninsula

Getting to Bushrangers Bay will take you a bit of walking, although the end result is all worth it. Once you’ve made it down to the sand, you’ll see an incredible bright stretch of beach with some very unique black rock formations and rock pools. Swimming at the beach is not advised as it’s unpatrolled and mobile reception is weak. Instead, you can head to the rock pools if it’s low tide and enjoy a relaxing swim there. It’s best to visit this beach and the rock pools in low tide with no wind. During high tide and windy conditions, large waves crash over the rock pools and make this spot unaccessible and even dangerous. Bushrangers Bay is still a great place to visit if you’re up for an adventure and looking to view the coastline from a unique perspective.

For more details on Bushrangers Bay, be sure to check out our full blog post here.

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