Things To Do Unawatuna – 4 Spots You Must See!

Jungle Beach Unawatuna - lolapan travels - things to do unawatuna

You’ll find plenty of things to do Unawatuna, from visiting the Europen style Galle Fort to lounging on the nearby beaches. This laid back town has something for everyone and is definitely an awesome place to spend a few days!

Where to stay in Unawatuna

There are plenty of places to stay within the main area of Unawatuna. We decided to stay slightly further from the main area at Villa Sunimal. It was in a nice quiet location with large rooms and just over a 5 minute walk to the main strip of Unawatuna.. If you’re looking for something right in the action, you can check out Tartaruga Beach Resort which is one of the main hotels on the beach. It’s the perfect hotel to unwind and have a drink while relaxing on the beach.

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Things To Do Unawatuna

1. Wijiya Beach

Without a doubt one of the most famous beaches in Sri Lanka and one of the top things to do Unawatuna. Wijiya Beach is famous for its giant palm tree rope swing which has become a popular Instagram photo. This beach also has much more to offer. You can find giant turtles, perfect blue water and unique rock formations you can climb around on. You can witness the most incredible sunsets on this beach so be sure not to miss them!

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2. Galle Fort

Galle Fort sri lanka - lolapan travels - things to do unawatuna

Galle Fort was definitely an unexpected favourite of ours. You’ll find plenty of beautiful European architecture in this originally Dutch town. You can explore all day and visit spots like the popular lighthouse and the clock tower. Additionally, you can even do some shopping at the super trendy shops! The fort is the perfect place to relax around beautiful buildings while being surrounded by the perfect blue ocean.

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3. Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach is also a gorgeous beach, filled with friendly locals and tourists. This beach is a short drive away although it’s definitely worth visiting. You’ll fall in love with the clear blue water and the lush greenery surrounding the beach. You can also walk all along the coastline of the beach and admire the ocean while hanging out on the rocks.

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4. Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach Sri Lanka - lolapan travels - things to do unawatuna

Unawatuna Beach is the easiest beach to access in the area and is slightly more touristy. However, you’ll have peace and quiet as you lay on the sand underneath the sun. You can also rent beach chairs and an umbrella to get some shade. There are a lot of different restaurants located all along the beach so you’ll easily be able to find something to eat. You can also enjoy a drink at one of the bars which are also located along the beach.

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