Ti Top Island Halong Bay – A Little Secluded Sandy Island

ti top island halong bay - lolapan travels

Ti Top Island Halong Bay provides some incredible panoramic views of the area, all from the comfort of a little beach. Ti Top Island is a small island located in the heart of Halong Bay which features a little beach as well as a hike leading to a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the bay.

How to get to Ti Top Island Halong Bay

Ti Top island can be visited as a day trip by taking one of the daily boats in Halong Bay. However, the easiest way to get to this island is to do an Overnight Halong Bay Cruise. Most cruise operators include Ti Top Island in their itinerary so just double check. If you’re not staying in Halong Bay to get a day boat, most cruise companies offer a pick up and drop off service to and from Hanoi.

What to Expect

The island has a little beach that looks out over the other towering limestone islands and cruise ships in the distance. As Ti Top Island is a common stop for most cruise itineraries, the beach can become fairly crowded. It can also feel kind of touristy with all the beach chairs, snack shops and souvenirs, volleyball courts and not to mention the dozens of tourists taking selfies. However, there’s more to this island than just the beach.

ti top island halong bay - lolapan travels

You can also do a short hike up some stairs to the top of the island. You’ll be rewarded with some incredible panoramic views overlooking the Halong Bay scenery. It shouldn’t take too long to complete, and after you’ll be able to jump into the water to cool down.

ti top island halong bay - lolapan travels

We unfortunately visited on a cloudy day so the water wasn’t that clear but hopefully you’ll have some better luck! Ti Top Island Halong Bay is still an incredible beach if you can look past the crowds. The feeling of being on a small island in the centre of Halong Bay was still an unreal experience.

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