Tom and Eva Lookout Great Ocean Road – Incredible Viewpoint

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Tom and Eva Lookout Great Ocean Road was one of our favourite viewpoints along the famous road. From this lookout, you have two giant rock formations right infront of you, while being surrounded by the neighbouring cliffs. We chose to visit this spot at sunrise and captured some beautiful photos. If you’re planning a drive along the Great Ocean Road, don’t forget to stop by here!

How to get to Tom and Eva Lookout Great Ocean Road

The Tom and Eva Lookout is located along the Great Ocean Road and is only 6 minutes from the famous Twelve Apostles. There are no signs or specific carpark for the Tom and Eva Lookout. To get to the viewpoint, park at the Loch Ard Gorge parking area. Instead of heading right and down to the Gorge, follow the path to the left. Tom and Eva lookout is on the way to The Razorback. Many people don’t even stop at the lookout because it’s just a small viewing platform with no signs and people don’t think anything of it.

Where to stay near Tom and Eva Lookout 

There aren’t many accommodation options along the Great Ocean Road. You’ll find mainly small cottages although there is one local town which is Port Campbell. Port Campbell is definitely the best place to stay if you’re looking for accommodation close to the Twelve Apostles with access to small supermarkets. A popular and mid budget motel in the area is Loch Ard Motor Inn. If you’re looking for something cheaper, you can try Port Campbell Guesthouse & Flashpackers.

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 What to expect 

The Great Ocean Road has so many amazing gems and this spot was certainly one of them! It was one of our favourite stops along the whole road trip. We visited for sunrise and had the whole place to ourselves so we were able to capture some awesome photos. We definitely recommend visiting as early as you can although any time of day you visit, you will still have a spectacular view. This viewpoint is one you can’t miss while visiting the Great Ocean Road.

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Once you’re done, you can continue along to the Razorback viewpoint. As the name suggests, the Razorback formation consists of hundreds of jagged edges that line the top. Head back to the carpark and follow the other route to see the famous Loch Ard Gorge. This spot gets very busy during peak times which is between lunch and late afternoon. If you want to avoid the tourist buses, be sure to check these places out in the morning.

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