Ubud Art Market – A Guide To Bali’s Trendiest Market

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The Ubud Art Market is one of Bali’s most popular and trendiest markets. At this market, you’ll find everything from jewellery, clothes, hand crafted souvenirs, as well as plenty of boho house decor. If you’re looking for some great gifts or souvenirs for a good price, then this is the place for you. The Ubud Art Market is incredibly large and has streets full of different goodies. If you get hungry, they also have some small restaurants and ice cream stands. If you plan on visiting the Ubud Art Market, get ready to shop till you drop with all the unbeatable prices.

How to get to Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market is roughly a 1 hour drive from the main tourist areas of Canggu, Kuta and Seminyak. The cheapest option to get there would be to hire a scooter and drive yourself. You can rent a scooter for around 50K IDR ($5 AUD) per day. The drive to Ubud is very straightforward and the roads are easy to follow. If you’re not a confident driver, the next best option would be to hire a driver. Prices usually start from around 500K IDR ($50 AUD) per day and they’ll take you to as many stops as you like.

As you approach the market, you’re sure not to miss all the stalls and mopeds parked along the street. There is additional parking inside the market although it can be hard to navigate through all the large crowds of people. The market is located on the corner of an intersection and is so big that it spans over many laneways. You’re sure to spend plenty of time exploring everything the market has to offer.

Parking fee

If you park outside the market on the street, parking for your moped will cost 5K IDR ($0.50c AUD). There is also additional parking inside the market, although you will have to drive through the large crowds.

Ubud Art Market opening hours 

The advertised market hours are from 6am-6pm daily. We have visited twice and from our experience, the market stalls don’t actually open at 6am. If you visit this early, you’ll find many of the stalls still shut and won’t be able to experience the market properly.

Best time to visit Ubud Art Market

We found the best time to visit the market to be around 9am-10am. At this time, all of the market stalls will be open and you won’t have the insane crowds of people. It is still quite busy early in the morning, although the crowds at midday are much bigger. You also won’t have the midday heat if you go earlier in the day.

What to expect

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The Ubud Art Market is one of the best places to get some shopping done in Bali. You’ll find endless laneways full of different locally made balinese artwork, house decor, souvenirs, as well as the most famous item from the market, the Rattan Bag. The Rattan Bag is definitely the most popular item at the market and you’re sure to see an endless amount of them. The market also has plenty of items for kids, wood statues, and so much more.

No matter what you’re after, you’re sure to leave with something special! The great thing about the market is that the items aren’t too overpriced like many other markets in Bali. The locals who own the stalls are always happy to negotiate a price, so you’re sure to get a great deal. We bought some small house decor and managed to get them for half price. If you visit in the morning, they are also more likely to accept a lower offer as they believe it will bring them more luck throughout the day.

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When entering the market, you can follow the signs which will lead you through the narrow indoor section of the market. We found this part of the market too claustrophobic and spent most of our time in the outside area. The outside section is where you’ll find the best items and is where we recommend spending most of your time. If you start to get hungry while exploring the market, there are some small coffee shops and ice cream stalls where you can grab some refreshments. Alternatively, the market has many large restaurants nearby where you can grab yourself a delicious meal.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend a day in Ubud, we definitely recommend spending it at the Ubud Art Market!

Where to Stay

The Ubud Art Market is centrally located in Ubud but you can also drive from Canggu or Seminyak if you’re not staying nearby. Ubud is a popular area to stay in Bali. It’s known for its jungle accommodation and villas made entirely out of Bamboo. You’ll also find plenty of shops, bars, and delicious trendy restaurants nearby.

The Four Seasons – Luxury: If you’re looking for ultimate luxury, you can’t skip The Four Seasons. They’re one of the best rated hotels in Ubud and have incredible facilities from rice fields to a breathtaking rooftop pond which even looks over the whole hotel. The Four Seasons is located amongst the lush tropical valleys by the river where guests can treat themselves to relaxing spa treatment and delicious dining options.

Bambuh Indah – Midrange: If you’re after a jungle hideaway made of Bamboo, then check out Bambu Indah. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to sleep in a home made entirely out of bamboo! The eco-luxury villa is located on the outskirts of Ubud where you’ll have panoramic views of mountains, rice paddies and hills. Guests can also enjoy the outdoor pool and massage services

Kememai Hostel – Budget: If you’re looking for a hostel, you can check out Kememai Hostel. It’s a popular hostel located in central Ubud, and they also have a beautiful rooftop restaurant. The rooms are clean and modern, making this place a great option for budget travellers.

↠ Check availability: Ubud Accommodation

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