Uluwatu Beaches – Ultimate Guide To The 9 Best Beaches In Uluwatu

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Uluwatu is full of incredible beaches with pristine blue water and bright white sand. Uluwatu is located in the south of Bali and is home to some of our favourite spots to relax on a hot day. There’s no shortage of incredible beaches here, so be sure to follow this guide for the top 7 best Uluwatu beaches!

Uluwatu Beaches – 9 Best Beaches In Uluwatu

1. Melasti Beach

Melasti Beach is without a doubt one of our favourite Uluwatu Beaches! Not only will you find incredibly still crystal clear water here, you’ll also find tall, towering limestone cliffs. You can drive all around the cliffs and view the beach from a unique perspective. Since this beach is the furthest in Uluwatu, you’ll often find it very quiet. Many people will visit this beach just to take photos on top of the limestone cliffs, so the sand and ocean have plenty of room. Melasti Beach also has beach umbrellas so you don’t have to sit in the hot sun all day. If you’re planning on visiting Uluwatu, Melasti Beach is a must visit!

Tip: Be sure to visit as the tide is going out which is usually after midday. The water will be a lot more calm and you’ll be able to enjoy a much more relaxing swim.

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2. Bingin Beach

bingin beach bali - uluwatu beaches bali - lolapan travels

Bingin Beach is another beautiful beach in Uluwatu. It’s famous for its surf, unique rock formations, ocean view villas and restaurants. From the carpark the walk should take you just under 10 minutes down some concrete stairs. This beach has perfect white sand and blue water and is an ideal spot to lay in the sun while having a variety of restaurants nearby. If you don’t want to lay in the sun, there are plenty of large rocks which you can sit under to get away from the heat. Surfing is also very popular at this beach due to the great surf conditions and is the main reason why people choose this beach over other Uluwatu beaches. A popular feature of Bingin Beach is the rock formations found in the water which make for a perfect photo.

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3. Tegal Wangi Beach

tegal wangi beach - uluwatu beaches bali - lolapan travels

Tegal Wangi Beach is a sunset hotspot in Uluwatu. People flock to this beach in the evening to catch a glimpse of the incredible sunset and to take photos from its popular beach cave. As you make your way down the beach, you’ll notice many rocks and rock pools. Tegal Wangi isn’t the best spot for swimming due to the many sharp rock pools, although in the evening at low tide, it’s the perfect spot to sit in one of the rock pools and admire the colourful sunset. Evenings can get quite busy here since it’s such an ideal spot to watch sunset. You’ll also notice plenty of photographers and wedding photoshoots going on at this beach.

Tip: The beach cave is found to the left of the beach. Don’t be fooled by the photos as the cave is very small and we actually missed it when walking past. From inside the cave, its best to take the photo from the right side so that you can see the whole arch of the cave, making the cave appear bigger than it really is.

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4. Thomas Beach

Thomas Beach is a quiet hidden gem and one of the lesser known Uluwatu beaches, but it’s equally as beautiful as the rest. As you make your way down the stairs onto the beach, you can stop and admire the beautiful coastline. You can even walk all the way along the beach to reach the large cliffs at the end. Once you arrive on the sand, you’ll notice plenty of nice cafes and restaurants all along the beach. It’s also very popular among surfers due to its great waves.

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5. Suluban Beach

Suluban is another beach which has crazy rock and cliff formations. What makes Suluban Beach so special is that it’s tucked away between large cliffs, which give the beach an incredibly unique vibe. When the tide is low, you’ll be able to walk outside of the enclosed cliffs and you’ll have plenty of sand to relax on. However, when the tide is high, you’ll be restricted to the small sandy area in between the cliffs. The water at this beach is incredibly clear and blue, so it’s the perfect spot to spend a hot day.

The vibe of Suluban Beach completely changes based on the time of day you go. During high tide in the morning, you’ll mostly find only surfers heading out as swimming conditions in the little cove are too rough. As the tide starts to go out after midday, plenty of tourists and families begin to make their way down to the beach. The water is a lot more calm, making it the perfect spot to enjoy the sun.

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6. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is an incredibly laid back beach that is popular among surfers, photographers and people looking for a perfect place to swim. Before you make your way down to the beach, you can head to the right towards the cliffs edge and check out one of the popular viewpoints. From this viewpoint, you can see the whole beach and the turquoise water below. The Balangan Beach Viewpoint is a hotspot for wedding photographers so you’ll often find a few groups of them doing wedding shoots.

Balangan Beach is also very popular for people wanting to learn how to surf. You’ll often find the left of the beach full of beginners taking lessons. If you want to relax away from the crowds amongst the perfect blue water, we’d recommend staying to the right of the beach.

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7. Nyang Nyang Beach

nyang nyang beach Bali - best bali beaches - lolapan travels - uluwatu beaches bali

Nyang Nyang Beach is popular for its multiple shipwrecks which look awesome in photos and add an incredibly unique feature to the beach. To reach the beach, you’ll have to take the 30 minute walk down from the top of the cliff. Nyang Nyang beach is great to visit if you’re after a large, quiet secluded beach. Visiting Nyang Nyang is perfect at any time of day, so you can enjoy the blue water or watch the sunset. Nyang Nyang Beach is also home to the famous Bubble Hotel. When we visited Nyang Nyang, we were a bit disappointed that one part of the beach was completely littered with rubbish. Hopefully the rubbish is gone now because without the trash, it’s a beautiful beach.

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8. Green Bowl Beach

Green Bowl Beach is a small, relaxing beach with calm, clear blue water and clean white sand. At the carpark, you’ll have to fight off the large amounts of cheeky monkeys hanging around the scooters. The walk down to the beach is concrete stairs and will take you roughly 10 minutes to reach the bottom. The beach is shaded by a tall cliff covered in greenery, so there’s plenty of shade for everyone! During low tide you might have some trouble swimming with all the rocks and coral. Although if you visit at the right time, the refreshing blue water makes the perfect spot for a swim.

9. Padang Padang Beachpadang padang beach- Uluwatu beaches bali - lolapan travels

Padang Padang Beach is one of the busiest Uluwatu Beaches as it’s one of Bali’s most famous surf spots. The beach regularly hosts international surfing events like the Rip Curl Cup. It’s definitely not a spot for beginner surfers as the waves break over shallow coral reefs. You can still enjoy the calm water by the shore and if you’re feeling hungry, there are local warungs on the beach that sell a variety of drinks and Indonesian food. You can also get a glimpse of the beach before heading down which can be useful to check the conditions. There is a road just beside the entrance that continues to a bridge that connects the two limestone cliffs.

Where to stay in Uluwatu 

Uluwatu is a popular area for surfers and beachgoers. There are a variety of villas for you to choose from close to shops and cafes. Uluwatu definitely has the best beaches in Bali so if you’re after clear blue water and white sand, staying in Uluwatu is the perfect choice. Here are a few different accommodation options for all types of travellers.

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu ResortLuxury: This place offers a true 5-star experience with a beautiful infinity pool and a delicious buffet breakfast. The modern clean rooms come with a TV and even stunning terrace views. The friendly staff are sure to make your stay super relaxing and comfortable.

Dreamsea BaliMidrange: Dreamsea Bali is a beachfront resort that offers its guests beautiful and comfortable rooms. If you’re after a beach getaway, this place is perfect. It’s located right on the beach and the rooms have incredible ocean views. Find yourself a hammock and relax while you watch the sun go down.

Bali Beats GuesthouseBudget: This guesthouse has great backpacker vibes where you’re sure to meet other travellers. The property features a garden, free WiFi and a terrace. With friendly staff to help you out and even a free dinner, Bali Beats Guesthouse is perfect for any budget traveller.

↠ Check availability: Uluwatu Accommodation

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