Upper Stony Creek Byfield – Hidden Swimming Hole You Must Visit

Upper stony creek byfield swimming hole - lolapan travels

Upper Stony Creek in Byfield National Park is off the beaten path and will lead you to stunning swimming holes with crystal clear water. It’s a spot that many travellers often overlook when visiting the Capricorn Coast in Central Queensland. The creek is a pristine place to swim and it’s only a short drive from Yeppoon. There’s a large day use area for relaxing and even a campground for those that can’t get enough!

How to get to Upper Stony Creek in Byfield National Park

Upper Stony Creek is located in the Byfield National Park which is a 40 minute drive from Yeppoon. Getting there can be a little tricky as the GPS might try and take you a weird route. When you’re on Byfield Road, keep following the road until you see a turnoff on the left for Stony Creek Road. You’ll know it’s the right one if it there’s a sign that says Upper Stony State Forest Park. The GPS will try take you to the turnoff for UPPER Stony Creek Road which is closed.

Keep following this dirt road on Stony Creek Road for about 10 minutes until you reach the campsite and day area. There’s a short cement floodway you’ll have to cross at the very end which might have water flowing over it. It’s nothing to worry about and our 2WD was able to cross just fine. Just be sure to check the weather as the water levels may rise after a storm or recent heavy rain.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit this swimming hole is in the summer months when the water and weather is warmer. Although the summer months often bring a lot of rainfall so it can be tricky. We visited in June on a sunny day and found it to be perfect. The water was a little on the colder side but still refreshing on a sunny day.

Is it safe to Swim at Upper Stony Creek

Upper Stony Creek swimming hole is safe from crocodiles but there have been sightings at other places in Byfield national park so always take caution. Make sure to always check warning signs if any crocodiles are present.

What to Expect at Upper Stony Creek in Byfield

byfield national park camping area - lolapan travels

Swimming hole

The main swimming hole is located right by the day use area and carpark. It’s a stunning creek with crystal clear blue water that is perfect for swimming. The water is deep enough to not touch the bottom so you can fully enjoy a refreshing swim. Upper Stony Creek is also surrounded by paperbark trees, adding to the scenery and making it even more magical. You might even be able to spot some small turtles swimming around!

During the winter months, the water temperature is on the cooler side, but it’s certainly still worth getting in. If it’s on a sunny day, you’ll have nothing to worry about! We visited during June on a sunny day and found the water temperature to be a little cold at first but once in, it was super nice. Summer is the popular season and is when you’ll find most of the locals heading to the creek to cool off.

Once you’re done swimming, the day use area is a great place to relax. There are plenty of facilities available such as BBQ’s, picnic tables and bathrooms. The large grassy area is also perfect to take out the picnic rug and enjoy a peaceful afternoon. There are however no rubbish bins, so please take all of your rubbish back with you.

Hikes & Walks in the area

Upper stony creek byfield swimming hole - lolapan travels

There are a few walks in the area if you’re looking to check out more of Stony Creek and Byfield National Park. The Venusta Circuit is a short 1km walk along Stony Creek. It’s fairly easy and suitable for kids. There’s even a nice little swimming hole at the end of the walk. We found some more secluded swimming spots along the walk which is a good way to escape the crowds if the main swimming hole gets busy. There are plenty of places to swim along Stony Creek and each spot is unique so we definitely recommend exploring the area. Stoney Creek Circuit is another hike that is a bit more challenging. It’s 4.3km return and will take you roughly 4 hours.

Upper Stony Creek Camping

If you can’g get enough and want to stay for longer, you can camp at Upper Stony Creek Campground. It’s located right before you cross the cement floodway. The campground is set amongst pine trees and stunning bushland where you can sit back and enjoy nature. There it also has direct access to the creek which is perfect for spending the day. The campground is open-plan with 14 sites available. Campsites are suitable for tent camping beside your car as well as campervans, and caravans up to 4 metres.

It costs $6.85 per person per night, or $27.40 per family per night. You’ll have to book online HERE, and pay for a camping permit for you arrive. It’s always best to book in advance to ensure you have a spot. Be sure to also check the national park for any alerts or closures which can be done by visiting the QLD Parks website.

Where to Stay in Yeppoon

Yeppoon is the closest town to Byfield National Park. It’s a coastal town known for its beaches and islands off the coast. There are plenty of accommodation options as well as delicious restaurants and shops in the area. Walk Yeppoon’s main street and esplanade to check out the various beach and surf stores.

Salt YeppoonLuxury: Salt Yeppoon is the ultimate affordable luxury stay in town. It’s situated right on the stunning main beach and each luxurious apartments offers stunning coastal views. Guests also have access to 2 resort style pools, restaurant and bar as well as a fitness centre. The rooms are fitted with beach aesthetics and are all modern. Salt Yeppoon is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking to be in the heart of town.

Rosslyn Bay Resort YeppoonMidrange: Rosslyn Bay Resort is in a great location, being right across from the secluded kemp beach. It’s also in close proximity to the marina, restaurants and the Keppel Island ferries. Perfect if you’re looking to visit the islands! The property features a swimming pool as well as a BBQ area. All of the rooms and accommodation options are modern and very clean.

Yeppoon Beachhouse – Budget: Yeppoon Beachhouse is a hostel that offers budget accommodation. It’s located directly across from the beach with stunning views of the islands in the distance. The common areas and shared bathrooms are all exceptionally clean and modern. The dorms are also spacious, with comfy beds and curtains for privacy. There is lots of opportunity to meet other travellers and guests in the beautiful common areas. The staff are very friendly and are always around to help with anything you need.

↠ For more places to stay in Yeppoon, you can check the latest prices here.

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