Victoria Peak Viewpoint – Hong Kong’s Most Popular Viewpoint

victoria peak viewpoint hong kong - findlay road

Victoria peak viewpoint is the most popular and easily accessible viewpoint in Hong Kong. From the Victoria peak viewpoint you can witness endless panoramic views of the incredible city below. If you hang around till the evening, you’ll also be able to watch the nightly light show from an incredible vantage point.

Victoria Peak viewpoint opening hours 

The tram to the peak starts running at 7am and runs till midnight. You can visit the peak anytime you like, however if you want to visit outside of the tram hours then you will have to find another way to get to the top. If you’re looking to get there for sunrise, you’ll have to consider catching a taxi or bus. Additionally, if you’re feeling up for it, you can hike from the bottom.

Where to stay in Hong Kong

There are limited cheap Hong Kong accommodation options, although the most popular place to stay for people on a budget is the Chunking Mansion and the Mirador Mansion. These buildings are famous for the amount of tiny hotel rooms located within them. We stayed at the Kowloon New Hostel in the Mirador Mansion and definitely recommend this building over the Chunking Mansion as it’s much less chaotic and on a quieter street. If you’re not on a budget then you’ll have endless 5 star hotels to choose from. A popular area close to many attractions and the train station is Tsim Sha Tsui.

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How to get to the Victoria Peak viewpoint 

Tram – The easiest and most popular option is to get the scenic tram. The tram station is located close to central station. For an adult return it costs $52 HK and for an adult single it costs $37 HK. The tram will drop you right to the top of the peak. If the main viewpoint is too crowded, you can walk along one of the many trails that loop around the mountain. The lines for the tram get so long that it can take more than 30 minutes until you can hop on. The ride to the top takes roughly 30 minutes.

Bus – The second option to get to the Victoria peak viewpoint is to catch the bus. This is the option we chose as it was much cheaper and the wait for the bus wasn’t as long. The bus costs $9.80 HK one way and leaves from the bus terminus at central station. At central station, make your way to exit A and once you’re on the street level, directly across the road you’ll see a big bus terminal. There will be a few signs with a picture of a bus to indicate which way to go. Catch bus number 15 which will take you all the way to the top of the Victoria Peak lookout. The bus takes roughly 30 minutes and is also very scenic. Sit on the left side of the bus on the drive up. This way you’ll get the best view of the city below.

Taxi – Another option, which costs the most, would be to get a taxi. The taxi from central to Victoria Peak will cost you roughly $100 HK and will take around 20 minutes.

victoria peak viewpoint hong kong - findlay road

What to expect at the Victoria peak viewpoint

The Victoria Peak viewpoint isn’t your usual, peaceful secluded viewpoint. As you arrive by tram or bus, you will stumble upon 2 large shopping complexes on the top of the mountain. There are plenty of options for food, desserts, high end clothes and even a Madame Tussauds wax museum. For a more adventurous and undisturbed view of the city, be sure to check out the Suicide Cliff hike or the Lion Rock Hike if you’re up for the challenge.

After you depart from the bus or tram, you can follow the crowd and walk 5 minutes to the main viewpoint. The main viewpoint is located on the top floor of the shopping complex. There is another popular viewpoint to the right of the shopping complex. Both viewpoints become very busy as they are so easy to access.

victoria peak viewpoint hong kong - lugard road

To get away from the crowds, walk along the Lugard road track that loops around the mountain. You’ll be able to have peace and quiet while gazing upon the Hong Kong city skyline. Another peaceful track that we found was Findlay road. Walk for about 10 minutes until the trees clear and you’ll have great views of the city. The trams run until midnight so you can gaze upon the city for as long as you want. It is common for people to wait till 8pm to watch the nightly light show which takes place along the river.

victoria peak viewpoint hong kong - findlay road

victoria peak viewpoint hong kong - findlay road

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