Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui – Two Giant Mesmerizing Statues

Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui - koh samui temples - temples in koh samui - lolapan travels

Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui is a Buddhist temple complex which consists of two giant and very unique statues. The first statue is of the God of Mercy and Compassion which features 18 arms. The second statue is a Chinese White Smiling Buddha which is unlike any buddha statue we have ever seen.

How to get to Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui

To get to Koh Samui, we used 12Go to book an overnight train and ferry from Bangkok. 12Go is a super cheap and reliable way get around Thailand and other popular Southeast Asian countries.

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Wat Plai Laem is located in the north-east of Koh Samui. We visited this temple straight after visiting The Big Buddha Temple, which is less than a 2 minute drive away. From the main tourist area of Chaweng Beach it’s roughly a 20 minute drive. We drove ourselves on our scooter which we rented for 150 Baht per day.

Where to stay in Koh Samui

The most popular area to stay in Koh Samui is on the east side of the island, close to Chaweng beach. We stayed close to the Samui Poshtel and found it to be the perfect spot. If you’re not on a budget then you can check out the resorts in the area such as The Samui Beach Resort as well as Baan Talay Resort.

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Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui Opening Hours

The temple is open from 8am to 5pm. When we visited at 8:30am there were no other tourists around so we had the whole complex to ourselves.

Dress Code

When visiting all temples in Koh Samui, you must dress respectfully. This means no revealing clothing such as mini shorts or singlets.

Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui - koh samui temples - lolapan travels

What To Expect

Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui is an incredibly unique and colourful temple complex. Each giant statue is located in the middle of a small lake so you can walk on a long bridge to access them. You can also purchase fish food to throw into the lake to feed the huge fish.

The first temple that you will come across is the 18 armed God of Mercy and Compassion. This statue is the most recognised on Koh Samui as it is so incredibly unique. Its large 18 arms, bright white glow and gold colour will mesmerize you as you gaze upon the giant towering sacred statue.

Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui - koh samui temples - lolapan travels

The second equally popular statue is the Chinese White Smiling Buddha. This statue will bring you joy as you look upon the large grin on the buddhas face. The bridge leading to the buddha is full of tall red and gold pillars and bright floor tiles. Both the Chinese Buddha and the God of Mercy statue’s are very unique and should definitely be on your list of things to see in Koh Samui.

Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui - koh samui temples - lolapan travels

When visiting Wat Plai Laem, be sure to also visit The Big Buddha Temple which is located just a 2 minute drive away.

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