Wat Tham Sua Kanchanaburi – A Complete Temple Guide

Wat Tham Sua Kanchanaburi - lolapan travels - day trip to kanchanaburi from bangkok

Wat Tham Sua is a stunning and lesser known temple in the beautiful countryside town of Kanchanaburi. The huge golden Buddha is located on top of a little mountain with scenic views of the surrounding landscape. Wat Tham Sua temple is located just outside of Bangkok and is perfect for a day trip. It’s not very well known amongst tourists so you won’t find many other people around aside from some locals coming to pray.

How to get to Wat Tham Sua Kanchanaburi

Wat Tham Sua temple is located in Kanchanaburi which is a small rural area in western Thailand. There are a few different ways you can get from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. The easiest and most convenient option would be to book a day tour with a travel agent in the city. A Kanchanaburi day trip is also a great option to see some of the other tourist attractions. Additionally, you can just book a minivan to take you to Kanchanaburi. The drive there will take roughly 2.5 hours from Bangkok.

Bangkok to Kanchanaburi by Train

If you’re like us and would rather do things independently, there are also trains and buses available. Although, we’d definitely recommend getting the train as it’s the most pleasant and scenic way to see the Thai countryside. The trains from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi leave twice a day from Thonburi Station. The Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Train only costs 100 baht ($5 AUD) so it’s super affordable. There’s no need to pre purchase tickets online. You can just buy your ticket when you arrive at the train station. The train leaves Thonburi Station at 7:50 am and 1:55 pm.

The train will take you through the scenic Thai countryside, passing plenty of rice fields and fruit farms. Once you arrive at Kanchanaburi you can hire a motorcycle for the day and drive to Wat Tham Sua.

Wat Tham Sua Opening Hours 

Opening hours for the temple are from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm on weekdays and 8 am – 4.30 pm on weekends.

Wat Tham Sua Entrance Fee

Entrance to the temple is free. You can take a small cable car up to the top which will cost you 20 baht ($1 AUD).

What to expect

Once you arrive to the temple, you’ll see plenty of souvenir shops and stalls selling snacks and drinks. You’ll also notice the steep colourful staircase which you’ll have to climb in order to reach the temple. There is also a dodgy looking cable car that will take you up for 20 Baht but we decided against it as it didn’t look the safest. At the top there are a couple of shops where you can purchase some small items. There are also shops available for people to buy offerings if they are interested in praying.

When we visited, a big tour group was just dropped off so it was quite busy at the top. As they cleared, it became fairly quiet and we were able to get a couple of photos of the Buddha without the crowds. The massive golden Buddha is covered with beautiful detail and looks as if it’s sitting inside a shell.

You can also take a small spiral staircase up in the building beside the Buddha. There are different levels, each offering a beautiful view and there is even a shrine at the very top. On the first level, you can walk outside to the back of the Buddha where you’ll have scenic views of the surrounding landscape. You’ll be able to see the true beauty of the Thai countryside and the lush green rice fields. The river and the farmland sure make the scenery at the temple peaceful.

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Out in the rice fields below there are also some cafe’s that we’d recommend checking out. Meena Cafe was our absolute favourite and we’d definitely suggest going there after. It’s situated amongst the peaceful rice fields and there are plenty of beautiful seating areas to chill at.

Tips for visiting Wat Tham Sua Kanchanaburi

Like all temples in Thailand, you’ll need to wear appropriate clothing. This means covering up your knees and shoulders. Also be respectful of others that are praying and keep noise to a minimum.

It’s best to visit Wat Tham Sua at the end of the rainy season. This is when the views will be at their best, being lush and vibrant green. We visited in October and the views were perfect.

wat tham sua kanchanaburi - lolapan travels

Best time to visit Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a year round destination so it depends on what your looking to see. The best time to visit Kanchanaburi is November – March. This is when temperatures are cooler than the rest of the year and is when you’ll have the best weather. It’s perfect weather for sightseeing and visiting waterfalls.

March and June are monsoon seasons so it’s best to avoid these months. The wet season lasts from July through to the end of October. Visiting in the wet season isn’t all that bad and can sometimes be better depending on what you’re doing. Rice fields during these months will be a lot more green and vibrant. When it rains, it’ll typically only last for less than an hour and the sun will be back out. During September and October you’ll also find cheaper deals for accommodation and less tourists around as it’s considered the off-season.

Where to Stay

Kanchanaburi is a rural area in western Thailand, just outside of Bangkok. It’s a great place to stay if your looking to learn about the history or to see the beautiful Thai countryside. Many of the accommodation options are along the river with plenty of options for budget travellers as well as families.

Blue Sky RaftLuxury: Blue Sky Raft is the most unique accommodation option around and if you have the budget, you definitely need to check it out. This hotel is actually located on the water and is made up of different villas. Each villa has their own patio and spa bath on the river. You’ll be able to wake up every morning to the view overlooking the river. If you’re looking for an unforgettable place to stay, then this is the hotel for you.

Away Kanchanaburi Dheva Mantra ResortMidrange: Away Kanchanaburi is an ideal luxury getaway in a great location. This hotel is located right along the river with insane views and also has a pool and pool bar. The rooms are large, clean and surrounded by tropical greenery. It’s the ideal place to stay if you’re after a getaway in the countryside.

TOPAE HostelBudget: This hostel is in a prime location and is the perfect place to base yourself when visiting Kanchanaburi. It’s close to the train and bus station as well as night markets and plenty of good restaurants. The owners are also super kind and friendly. TOPAE Hostel is very clean with comfy beds and good wifi. A bonus is that they also provide breakfast in the morning which is perfect if you’re looking to save some money.

↠ Check availability: Kanchanaburi accommodation.

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    The 415-kilometer railway, the most classic of which is located in Kanchanaburi, so it is recommended that if you have enough time, in addition to walking on the railway to take pictures, you must take a train to experience this historic railway On one side, the river is on one side and the other side is walking close to the mountain wall. You can imagine how difficult it was when it was built. It is really a very special experience!

    • Lolapan Travels
      April 15, 2020 / 1:44 am

      Yes Tham Kra Sae Bridge! We had the chance to check it out while we were in Kanchanaburi and it was amazing. So incredible how they built that bridge and railway.

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