Wijiya Beach Unawatuna – Famous Rope Swing Palm Tree!

Wijiya Beach Unawatuna - lolapan travels

Wijiya Beach Unawatuna is a beautiful beach, famous for its giant palm trees and large rock formations. One attraction that brings tourists to this beach is the giant rope swing which hangs off one of the palm trees. This beach has it all and you’re sure to spend all day everyday there!

How to get to Wijiya Beach Unawatuna

Wijiya Beach is a short drive from the main area of Unawatuna. If you don’t have a moped to drive yourself, you can hop in a tuk tuk for 300 Rupees ($2.30 AUD). You can also walk from Unawatuna Beach which takes roughly 20-30 minutes along the main road.

Where to stay 

There are plenty of places to stay within the main area of Unawatuna. We decided to stay slightly further from the main area at Villa Sunimal. It was in a nice quiet location with large rooms and just over a 5 minute walk to the main strip of Unawatuna.. If you’re looking for something right in the action, you can check out Tartaruga Beach Resort which is one of the main hotels on the beach. It’s the perfect hotel to unwind and have a drink while relaxing on the beach.

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What to expect  

We wish we could have stayed in Unawatuna longer just so we could spend more time on this beach! Wijaya Beach has it all from tall palm trees, a cute beach front cafe, beach chairs, snorkelling and rocks to climb around. We visited in November and found that the beach was filled with giant turtles. We didn’t expect to see so many every time we visited the beach! You can find them swimming around in the calm waters searching for seaweed. They’re such beautiful creatures so it was awesome to watch them swim so close to shore.

Wijiya Beach Unawatuna - lolapan travels

The most popular attraction at this beach is the giant rope swing which hangs off a bent palm tree. Its not exactly located on Wijaya beach but actually around the corner. You can google Dream Cabana Unawatuna to get the exact location. Once you’re on Wijaya beach, head to the right towards the large rock. Once you pass the rock you should be able to see the palm tree not much further ahead. It costs roughly 500 Rupees to have a go on the swing. If you visit at sunset you’ll be able to capture a beautiful shot of the incredible sunset colours while swinging on the rope. It’s super fun so be sure not to miss out on it.

Another popular spot people come to take photos of is the large rock near the palm tree swing. You can capture some unique angles with the sunset in the background which also look beautiful. Be sure to visit this beach at both sunset and midday because you should definitely experience the beauty of this beach more than once!

Wijiya Beach Unawatuna - lolapan travels

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